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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Most Atrocious Guardian Ad-Litems

G.A.L Deborah S. Olin

G.A.L Paul Dryer

G.A.L Michael J. Sharman

Mr. Michael Sharman Esq., GAL and his abnormal logic, needs to evaluated. This GAL needs more education the military may have made a mistake issuing him his GED. The VA STATE BAR should require him to take the bar exam, which he did not have to take. GAL Michael Sharman gets his clutches on children whom the court has asked him to be GAL and this GAL has a Catholic boy trade institution in Pennsylvania to help child's family whom the GAL says is having trouble, that GAL Mr. Sharman is recruiting young boys for and is in some form benefiting financially, or a gay school. BEWARE Hiding behind being a Catholic religion and yet obvious when lying and benefiting from recruiting young boys to an out of state institution where GAL Mr. Sharman is benefiting financially, among other ways will sooner or later be in the spotlight. GAL Michael Sharman will just out right lie, he will manipulate what you said on tape in your interview, and out right make up issues and say you said it didn't you. Stay clear of GAL Mr. Michael Sharman he is not for the best interests of your children. NO GAL NO MORE NO GAL MICHAEL SHARMAN
Please add this GAL, Attorney to your list.
Janet Lynn Ours Esq., RN, Adoptions, GAL
This attorney is an outright criminal. Do not use this woman. Janet Lynn Ours Esq. RN may have many licenses, but she is not qualified by knowledge and expertise, only merely by criminal activity. The only way Janet Lynn Ours wins any cases is by being a criminal, favors, family on family. Janet Lynn Ours uses the legal system, court room, peers to benefit and commit adoption procedures using her GAL status, RN status at a much cheaper price by taking the children from a good home, and flopping the children to the other side for a much cheaper price than straight out adoption. Mrs. Janet Lynn Ours really does not know the law or attorney ethics, only way she has survived is by criminal means and having other criminals of her status in her pocket. Family on family, she thrives on this behavior. Janet Lynn Ours Esq., RN, Adoptions, GAL needs to be investigated and all licensing taken away, and never again go into a court room. Janet Lynn Ours negative outcome on society and the economy and our future is enormous and needs to immediately be addressed. This attorney is in a variety of counties, out of state, and her behaviors are Mafia, organized crimes, hate crimes, and suspicious adoptions.
Please add this GAL, attorney, RN to your list. It is crucial to add this lady. Dangerous

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Anonymous said...

Please add Mario Benzinni to an illogical, abusive, double standard, biased, GAL who is and has been destroying my son's life as well as mine as his mother. He stands up in front of the judge and posters lies and lies and the judge never once requests documentation. He has never spoken to me but states to the court that he knows what is going on with me and my son. He openly admits to me that he is in regular contact with the son's father's attorney who is in Maryland where I reside. This attorney in Maryland has been harassing me for 15 years. Is this the way a GAL remains unbiased and provides a unbiased representation?