No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pitiless - Malicious Deborah S Olin

Pitiless - Malicious Deborah S Olin Guardian Ad-Litem
Deborah S Olin proceedings & her atrocious actions In regards of............................. The child who Survived to tell the tale of sick minded GAL – Deborah S Olin turned 18.......

Unqualified Guardian Ad Litem's
Guardian Ad Litem Fairfax Arlington County Courts
After receiving so many complaints in regards of Deborah S Olin's terrifying actions, & concerning the way this GAL who frequently appointed by Judges in Arlington & Fairfax county courts handeling little innocent children's cases, We decided to publish this issue in Mommy go bye bye few months ago, since then we have established so many chilling stories.

By researching & Comparing Olin’s cases we found it so appalling that she practices almost a uniformed strategy in order to damage Children and their Mom’s lives. Her Most popular tactic is “Judge Shopping” in order to set you up in the Court & get what she wants through her fellow Influenced Judges.
Olin’s Case #1:
The child who lived to tell the tale of sick minded GAL – Deborah S Olin turned 18 years old and ready to expose the real depraved GAL who put this child in torment & agony for more than 5 years………….Ms. Olin decided to place her in different foster homes, while the loving fit parents were endlessly fighting to bring her back home and at the same time the child was begging her (Olin) to do so, as a result of her actions, The minor child attempted suicide 4 times, Ran away from different Foster homes to find her way back to her loving real parents, turned into drugs,………& so much more….when you see the evidences & facts on this case, it makes you sick into your stomach, nevertheless makes you wonder, how this malicious woman got appointed on such a important position by Virginia Judges………. ?
Deborah Olin was switching Judges within minutes. We were scheduled to be in the X Judge’s Court Room, but always end up before her fellow Judge who was unfairly influenced by Olin……. So, we knew, no matter how strong our evidences are, there is no way of getting a fair verdict. Oh my God….We are ambushed in Olin’s depraved Scheme, said…………………..
Mother begged to have her daughter in the separate home, while the father trying to clear the accusations against him, Olin objected………..Mother saw her daughter in the court after a long time of separation, both wanted to hug each other.
Olin: “You only have 1 Minute to hold your daughter” while closely checking on them……"one minute is up," she said while separating the Mother who had no accusations against her from her loving daughter…….This is outrages.
Detailed & comprehensive of this story to be published soon.

Olin's Case # 2:
Deborah S. Olin proceedings & her atrocious actions In regards of Dr. Ariel King & her 5 year old daughter (Ariana-Leilani now 6) who Olin managed to unfairly take her away from the loving Mother.
Mother has not seen her daughter for over one year now.
Dr. Ariel King (Mother) is actively demanding her daughter’s (Ariana-Leilani now 6) rights to be acknowledged through UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and various other local & international organizations.

Motion for sanctions against the Guardian Ad Litem & Motion to dismiss the Guardian Ad Litem (Deborah Olin) & Motion to show Cause against D. Olin - here

Olin's Case # 3:
In regards of delivering Minor Children's passports to the convicted Document-fraud- addicted /Criminal Father.
Tragedy Started when“Deborah S Olin” was appointed as the GAL........ on this case.
The 2 little girls are in the serious menace at this point, all because of this woman.
The convicted criminal Father who only had Supervised visitation due to his criminal acts, acquired not only unsupervised visitation, but granted with the children’s passports…….with the help of eminent Judge shopper, anti Children/ Mothers rights Guardian Ad-Litem Deborah S Olin.
Ms Olin managed the counterfeited court order which is not matching the Court Report.
The magistrate office issued arrest warrant against the Father for electronic harassments, due to the horrible emails he was sending to Mother (on most Olin was included)
On the Father’s criminal Court dates, Ms. Olin (Guardian Ad-Litem for the Children?) was there for the Father !!!!

Olin keeps Intimidating the Mother and running around to find one of her fellow Judges in order to dismiss and drop the charges against the Father………… bizarre is that?

Why we always end up with Olin’s unjust fellow Judges? We were scheduled to be heard in Judge…. Court Room, how did we end up in Olin’s prejudiced Judge again & again & again???????????? There is no hope of receiving a fair ruling or get out of Olin’s trap………..Said…….
(Sound fimiliar with Case #1 above?)

This case is outrages, but, it’s well documented. More to come on this case......
We are actively communicating with different organizations, in order to get to the bottom of this corruption…………………

Dear Ms. Lelia Hopper
Director Court Improvement Program
Office of the Executive Secretary
Supreme Court of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia
(804) 786-9546

Dear Ms. Lelia Hopper;
I’ve received this article, and sending you ……………………
This is in regards of GAL Deborah S Olin I would say one of the worst GALs in the Fairfax County and Arlington Courts.
So far, I am aware of #s outrages cases that D. Olin has totally damaged the children and Mom’s lives.
These Moms abused by the GAL Deborah Olin believe that the system failed their children and the family.
She has no mercy for the little kids and definitely hates their Moms…………..they say, even though ……………………

Dear Mr. Dave Albo;
Chairman of Virginia House of Delegates

I start writing you the story of my excruciating experience in the desecrated Fairfax County courts “Both JD&R & Circuit” for the past 7 years and you be the Judge of all Judges please…………..the nightmare started when Deborah S. Olin was assigned on our case, She is..........

Deborah S Olin GAL

Deborah S Olin
Pitiless - Malicious Deborah S Olin proceedings & her atrocious actions In regards of.................

More of her Story Below:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family court crisis compared to Catholic Church sexual abuse scandals

About 58,000 children per year in the U.S. are ordered into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce, according to experts at the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence.

Center for Judicial Excellence leads the way for Family Court Reform One by one, parents are beginning to step forward to share heart-wrenching stories of the injustices they experienced in family court system.These parents have joined with thousands of others to reform the family courts and protect child victims of violence and sexual abuse from judicial decisions the parents say place children in harm's way."I'm living proof this is happening today," said Susan, a Family Court litigant and mother whose daughter was placed with her accused molester.
"The family courts crisis is a plague and it's destroying peoples' lives."About 58,000 children per year in the U.S. are ordered into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce, according to experts at the Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence.
Many people concerned about the systemic problems with family court attended a daylong public forum Thursday at the.......

Friday, June 26, 2009

BIOC Best Interest of Children Guidelines in Virginia - Virginia

The Best Interests of the Child - Virginia

StandardRegardless of any agreement you may have reached, the court's standard for initially awarding custody is to determine the best interests of the child. In order to do this they should look at several factors.

It is important to remember, though, that no one factor carries any more weight than any other.
This list is some of the factors, but not all, that courts will consider.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Canons of Judicial Conduct for the State of Virginia

Canons of Judicial Conduct for the State of Virginia

To Mothers abused by Judge's misconduct, I Urge you to review the Canons of Judicial Conduct.

Report any Violation occur in your case.

The Canons of Judicial Conduct is intended to establish standards for ethical conduct of judges. It consists of broad statements called Canons, specific rules set forth in Sections under each Canon and Commentary.

The text of the Canons and the Sections is authoritative. Each Commentary, by explanation and example, is advisory and provides guidance with respect to the purpose and meaning of the Canons and Sections. The Commentary is not intended as a statement of additional rules. When the text uses "shall" or "shall not" or "must" or "must not" it is intended to impose binding obligations the violation of which can result in disciplinary action. When "should" or "should not" is used, the text is intended as a statement of what is or is not appropriate conduct but not as a binding rule under which a judge may be disciplined. When "may" is used, it denotes permissible discretion or, depending on the context, it refers to action that is not covered by specific proscriptions..........

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Legal Link Listing

By: Timothy L. Coggins∗
Cite as: Timothy L. Coggins, Legal, Factual and Other Internet Sites for
Attorneys and Legal Professionals, XV RICH. J.L. & TECH. 13 (2009),
[1] This listing of Internet sites for legal, factual, and other research
presents a variety of sources for attorneys, law students, law librarians,
and others who use the Web. Initially developed for an Advanced Legal
Research course and a continuing education session for legal assistants
and paralegals, the listing includes sites for primary authorities, both
federal and state, as well as URLs for other types of information such as
names of possible expert witnesses and biographical and background
information about individuals.1
[2] Researchers who want to locate additional sites for legal and other
types of research can find Internet sites for attorneys and legal researchers
identified in many sources. At the American Bar Association Law
Practice Management Section’s annual TECHSHOW, the always popular
60 Sites in 60 Minutes program offers the favorite websites of the attorney
and other panel presenters..............................

Monday, June 22, 2009

Judge Esther Wiggins

Judge Wiggins-Lyle's

Another corrupted Judge from Arlington, VA
Arlington resident Nancy Hey, who is herself a victim of unfairness in the system, stongly encouraged people to attend this rally. Ms. Hey has been involved in a three-year legal battle to regain custody of her daughter Sabrina......................
Dr. Ariel King files Mandamus in VA Pro Se at the Supreme Court, asking them to look into Judge Wiggins-Lyle's rulings....................
Family Court Judge lied to by the father she awarded sole custody. The Child was abandonned in a foreign country for five years! Esther Wiggins continues to ignore the abuse, and refuses to acknowledge that this 8 year old child illiterate in English was abandonned in France for several years. Mother must live in France, evoke French authority because Wiggins can not admit she made a mistake.

Unfit, Unjust & Unmerited Judge Bruce D. White

Judge Bruce D. White who is violating several
Canons of Judicial Conduct for the State of Virginia......!!!
more stories of this Judge's misconducts to come......

“Judge Bruce D. White" of Fairfax County
Like we don't have enough of these Ailing Judges in Virginia........!

Mr. Albo our children’s faith is in the hands of you & the House of Delegates,
by selecting fair & rational Judges…..

Washington Post Article in Regards Of Judge Finch

Washington Post in Regards of Judge Finch of Fairfax County Circuit Court

Va. Judge Selection Process Criticized
Group Challenges Lack of Public Input

By Tom JackmanWashington Post Staff Writer Monday, March 2, 2009; Page B01
A group of more than 200 Virginia residents, calling themselves the "Pitchfork Rebellion" and frustrated with the way the state selects judges, wants the public to have more say in who sits on the bench and for how long. Virginia is one of only two states, along with South Carolina, that empower their state legislatures to pick state judges, a process primarily conducted behind closed doors.

Judge Tandy Rinehart

Judicial Corruption :
in the Matter of Sherry Hayward
My experiences with Substitute Judge Tandy B. Rinehart & the Stafford County, Virginia, courts began in 2002. Sub-judge Rinehart was hired by my now ex husband, Timothy Stohler, to represent him in our divorce. He hired her after consulting with every good attorney in the area to prevent me from hiring them. She is a waste of oxygen. She did however manage to get my ex full custody of my daughter leaving me with "reasonable visitation". Whatever that means. After our separation we had joint custody with almost equal time. She wrote to my attorney it seemed almost everyday with flimsy complaints & false allegations I suspect to financially break me. My daughter adjusted well & was still excelling in school. When it came time for the actual divorce hearing Sub-judge Rinehart was........

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jail house for Judge Samuel Kent

Jailhouse Judge: Judge Samuel Kent Begins To Serve Jail Sentence Without Resigning From the Bench”

The federal prison system has plenty of jailhouse lawyers. Now it has its first jailhouse judge (not to mention of jury of his peers). U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent began to serve his jail sentence today while still a member of the federal judiciary.
He continues to refuse to resign. For those who were initially supportive of Kent, few people defend him now after his outrageous effort to bilk the judiciary for every possible dime of salary and benefits while dragging both the courts and Congress through the scandal that he created.
Four months ago, Kent, 59, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and received a 33-month sentence. As noted earlier, he is clearly delaying his resignation to continue to receive benefits — calculating that it will take a year to hold a trial in the Senate for his impeachment. Kent was able to secure a favorable prison facility: Devens Federal Medical Center, a 1,300-bed facility near Boston. The facility houses felons with long-term medical and mental health problems.
Kent is accused of molesting of two former female employees, case manager Cathy McBroom, 50, and legal secretary Donna Wilkerson, 45.

June 19, 2009 5:48 PM

It is a rare occasion when the House of Representatives must vote on articles of impeachment against a federal judge.

Indeed, the last time this occurred was 20 years ago. However, when evidence emerges that an individual is abusing his judicial office for his own advantage, the integrity of the judicial system becomes compromised, and the House of Representatives has the duty to investigate the matter and take the appropriate actions to end the abuse and restore confidence in the judicial system.

Just days ago the House of Representatives considered and passed, without any dissenting votes, four articles of impeachment against Judge Samuel B. Kent.

Kent is only the 14th federal judge in the nation’s history to be the focus of an impeachment in the House. The charges include two articles on the grounds of sexual assault, one article on the grounds of obstruction of justice, and one article on the grounds of providing false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice.

This vote came after a thorough investigation and much work by the Task Force on Judicial Impeachment, on which I serve as Ranking Member. The Task Force conducted an investigatory hearing on the matter, at which two court employees who were victimized by Judge Kent testified about the extent of his sexual abuse. While Judge Kent and his attorney were both invited to testify and participate in the hearing, both declined to attend.

Judge Kent pled guilty to felony obstruction of justice and to committing repeated acts of nonconsensual sexual contact with court employees. Earlier this month, he reported to prison to begin his 33 month sentence.

However, because the Constitution provides that federal judges are appointed for life, Samuel Kent, despite the fact that he is sitting in prison, continues to collect his taxpayer-funded salary of $174,000 per year, continues to collect his taxpayer-funded health insurance benefits, and continues to accrue his taxpayer-funded pension unless he resigns his office or is impeached.

This amounts to an attempt to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from the American people and is simply unacceptable.

It is not a pleasant task to impeach a federal judge, yet when a judge so clearly abuses his office, as in the case of Judge Kent, it becomes necessary to take the appropriate action in order to restore the confidence of the American people in the judicial system. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the power and responsibility to impeach federal judges and it is a power that Congress utilizes only in cases involving very serious allegations of misconduct. The case now goes to the United States Senate for a trial to determine if Judge Kent should be removed from office. The Task Force on Judicial Impeachment, the House Judiciary Committee and the full House of Representatives worked together in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that swift action was taken to root out corruption in our judicial system.

Judge Samuel Kent begins to serve Jail Sentence without resigning from the Bench.................

Mothers Fighting Back Group

Mothers Fighting Back Group

This group is for mother’s who have lost custody of their children in the biased family court system we face today.
If you are not ready to stand up and fight for equal rights, treatment, justice and reform, then this group is not for you. Mothers, it is time for change. There are several laws and sly strategies that have made it easy for judges to strip fit mothers of their rights to their children. The one Id like to address in this group is Third Party Intervention. It is a law that allows one party to obtain legal custody during divorce proceedings. The way it works is, any Joe Scheme can be given permission by a judge to intervene into a divorce and ask for visitation of the children involved, so long as they cite that it is the best interest of the children. More often than not, the intervening parties are of some relationship to the husband. More often than not, that husband has been abusive and too often, the mother has no choice but to fight TWO attorneys. Imagine that. Well, unfortunately I don’t have to. Needless to say with my ex husband’s extra leverage in court, he was able to gain and keep physical custody of our daughter. Although the United States Supreme Court deemed this sort of law essentially ridiculous and a violation of the 14th Amendment, most states like in my case, Virginia, do not honor this declaration.
We mothers who have done nothing but love, nurture and protect our children need to demand that state courts reject intervention from third parties, who only seek to either aid the father in obtaining a legal license to control and punish the mother or gain custody of the child themselves.

The Fourteenth Amendment (Amendment XIV) to the United States Constitution is one of the amendments that was enacted after the Civil War as part of the Reconstruction Amendments, along with the Thirteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. It was adopted on July 9, 1868.
The amendment provides a broad definition of citizenship, overruling Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) which had excluded slaves, and their descendants, from possessing Constitutional rights and was used in the mid-20th century to dismantle racial segregation in the United States, as in Brown v. Board of Education (1954). Its Due Process Clause has been used to apply most of the Bill of Rights to the states. This clause has also been used to recognize: (1) substantive due process rights, such as parental and marriage rights; and (2) procedural due process rights requiring that certain steps, such as a hearing, be followed before a person's "life, liberty, or property" can be taken away. The amendment's Equal Protection Clause requires states to provide equal protection under the law to all people within their jurisdictions. The amendment also includes a number of clauses dealing with the Confederate states and their officials.

Message from Group Moderator
We are forming this group to seek women who have been abused by partners and then further abused by the court system. Our goal is to work to change laws, inform the public and self help through peer groups. Do you feel that things are not quit right in the handling of your case? Join in. If you are male, and have experienced this treatment, you may also join.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Judge Awarded Unsupervised Visitation To the Murderer Father

Mother lashing out at the judicial system that allowed Connolly unsupervised visits."No parent should have to bury their babies," she said. "Duncan and Jack, Mommy loves you to the heavens and back. "I feel that the judicial system failed me," she said. "I pray that the courts listen to the warnings from other parents like me.

2 Boys Found Dead: Mom Rips Family Court
After 3-week search, boys are found dead with their dad.

mother decries system that OKd unsupervised visits

by Carolyn Starks, Joel Hood, and Jo Napolitano

Amy Leichtenberg worried this day would come, and she begged the judicial system to prevent it.In court documents dating back to 2005, she detailed her estranged husband's threats against her family and fought unsuccessfully to keep him from having unsupervised visits with their two sons. Michael Connolly violated the orders of protection against him six times, police records said, and he often vowed to kill himself rather than be separated from the boys.Connolly, 40, disappeared with Duncan, 9, and Jack, 7, on March 8, prompting a nationwide search. Their bodies were discovered Sunday near a Christmas tree farm in a remote area of Putnam County.Police described the deaths as a double homicide and a suicide, but released few details about the killings. The boys' bodies were found in the back seat of their father's 1991 Dodge Dynasty, while Connolly's body was discovered about 60 yards away.
Leichtenberg declined to comment Monday, but she issued a statement lashing out at the judicial system that allowed Connolly unsupervised visits."No parent should have to bury their babies," she said. "Duncan and Jack, Mommy loves you to the heavens and back.
"I feel that the judicial system failed me," she said. "I pray that the courts listen to the warnings from other parents like me."In a Tribune interview after the boys disappeared, Leichtenberg said Connolly was granted unsupervised visitation rights in December. She said she begged the McLean judge to deny the request.
"All Michael would do is file his own motions, and the judge was basically tired of him and gave him what he wanted."
Father played the system
Michael Connolly worked the system.A family court judge wanted him to get a job, find a home and stop harassing his ex-wife.So Connolly took a sales position, rented an apartment and behaved for nine months.McLean County Circuit Judge James Souk rewarded his obedience with unsupervised visitation with his two young sons, a ruling that absolved Connolly of dangerous behavior and threats against the boys' mother. It no longer mattered that he vowed to cut her open, that a court-appointed visitation supervisor expressed concern about his erratic behavior or that he allegedly violated her order of protection 57 times.
Connolly, 40, benefited from a system designed to overlook past indiscretions in favor of giving children a chance to maintain relationships with both parents.His sons, however, fell victim to it.Duncan and Jack Connolly, ages 9 and 7, were found dead Sunday in a remote area of Putnam County three weeks after disappearing with their dad during an unsupervised visit. Officials would not say how the boys died, only that they were found in the back seat of their father's car.Connolly hanged himself about 60 yards from the car, the McLean County Sheriff's Department said Tuesday.As she planned her sons' funerals, Amy Leichtenberg told the Tribune she blamed Souk for ignoring her pleas for help."Judge Souk is responsible for their deaths," she said.The judge declined requests for comment Tuesday.But Souk was not the only one to misjudge Connolly. At various checkpoints throughout the prolonged visitation battle, Connolly was able to convince law-enforcement officials, mental-health experts and social workers that he meant no harm."Hell, yes, the system failed Amy," her attorney Helen Ogar said. "Amy was treated seriously [by the system], but he bamboozled people. He was cagey and manipulative."He also had Illinois law on his side.Under the law, a parent without custody is entitled to "reasonable visitation rights" unless visits "would endanger seriously the child's physical, mental, moral or emotional health"—a high burden of proof that has drawn criticism from victims advocates and other experts, who say it doesn't adequately account for dangers domestic abusers pose to children.Judges in family court often restrict visitation to supervised settings when there's evidence the non-custodial parent has just harmed or threatened other family members, experts say. But the judges rarely require that the visits be supervised over long periods of time, especially if there's no evidence of harm to the child."When you can show an emergency at the beginning of the case, judges are very motivated and perceptive and try to protect the children," said Denice Markham, director of Life Span Center for Legal Services and Advocacy. "But as the case goes on and there are no problems, then it's very difficult to get supervised visitation. The parents who don't have custody have the right to visitation unless there's serious endangerment to the children."Leichtenberg spent the last four years documenting what she considered to be dangerous behavior.In court records back to 2005, Leichtenberg, who lived in northwest suburban Algonquin before moving to Downstate LeRoy, detailed her ex-husband's threats against her and pleaded for supervised visits for their sons. Her letters detailing his threats to "cut open" her parents, commit suicide or harm her were enough to obtain several orders of protection against him.Between July 2006 and October 2007, Connolly violated court orders prohibiting him from contacting her on 57 occasions, LeRoy police said Tuesday.
McLean County State's Atty. William Yoder said only 13 incident reports were referred to his office. The office collapsed the complaints into six cases, of which five were prosecuted. Connolly pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor for violating an order in February 2008 and received a suspended sentence."I haven't second-guessed anything we did," Yoder said.Leichtenberg filed for divorce in 2007. She was awarded full custody of the children, and he was given supervised visitation.Many early visits with his sons took place at the McLean Family Visitation Center. In reports filed with the court, Connolly's behavior appeared to become more erratic and paranoid, leading the center to temporarily discontinue its services in May 2008.
A few weeks later, however, his psychiatrist sent a letter to the judge suggesting Connolly's depression would be lessened by more time with his sons.Connolly's requests for unsupervised visits increased throughout 2008, and the judge responded by setting behavioral goals for him."He not only behaved, but he presented very well," Ogar said. "He had nice suits, he spoke very well, and he was intelligent, but he never dealt with the underlying issues."The judge awarded Connolly unsupervised visitation in October 2008. By Jan. 23, the court allowed Connolly to have alternate weekend visits and Wednesday visits, with pickups and dropoffs at the police station.When Connolly did not return with the children after a visit March 8, authorities launched a manhunt that ended when the boys' bodies were found Sunday. Less than 48 hours after the gruesome discovery, Leichtenberg's close friend Brandi Tuley launched an online petition to have Souk removed from the bench.The petition had more than 1,200 signatures Tuesday evening, including Leichtenberg's. "I refuse to let these boys' deaths be in vain," Tuley said.Tribune reporters Angela Rozas, Carolyn Starks and Andrew Wang contributed to this report.
© 2009 Chicago Tribune

Stop Family Violence

Custody and Abuse
There is a crisis in our nation's family courts. Judges are awarding child custody to abusers and pedophiles and punishing the safe parent who tries to protect the children from harm.

Mothers Deserve More

Use the webform below to send a message to the President, Vice President, your legislators, and leaders at the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and the President's new Office on Women and Girls.

Tell them about your lives, your struggles, and your needs as a mother, or someone who cares about Mothers.

Make it personal so that they understand why this issue matters to you. That's the best way to make it matter to them.

Stop Family Violence

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Monday, June 15, 2009

VCOG's annual conference‏

judge interviews topic !

Save the date!Please join us October 16 for the Virginia Coalition for Open Government’s annual conference at the historic Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton.Join us for a day of panels, discussions and presentations on open government, access, transparency and ideas about good government.Possible panel topics include:
· The judicial selection process — from evaluations to interviews
· Access to juvenile courts and records
· Updates on access law
· Legislative review and preview
· How the Obama administration is or isn’t living up to its promise of
· How to identify the records you want and whom to ask
· Access to jury lists
The candidates for Virginia governor have also been invited to share their views on open government.We will honor the citizen, media and government winners of our FOI awards. Click here to nominate a worthy candidate:
We are always looking sponsors and conference partners, too. If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring or underwriting any part of the conference, please contact Megan Rhyne, VCOG’s executive director, at mrhyne@opengovva.
Thanks, and we hope to see you October 16!Megan