No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Judge Esther Wiggins

Judge Wiggins-Lyle's

Another corrupted Judge from Arlington, VA
Arlington resident Nancy Hey, who is herself a victim of unfairness in the system, stongly encouraged people to attend this rally. Ms. Hey has been involved in a three-year legal battle to regain custody of her daughter Sabrina......................
Dr. Ariel King files Mandamus in VA Pro Se at the Supreme Court, asking them to look into Judge Wiggins-Lyle's rulings....................
Family Court Judge lied to by the father she awarded sole custody. The Child was abandonned in a foreign country for five years! Esther Wiggins continues to ignore the abuse, and refuses to acknowledge that this 8 year old child illiterate in English was abandonned in France for several years. Mother must live in France, evoke French authority because Wiggins can not admit she made a mistake.

Unfit, Unjust & Unmerited Judge Bruce D. White

Judge Bruce D. White who is violating several
Canons of Judicial Conduct for the State of Virginia......!!!
more stories of this Judge's misconducts to come......

“Judge Bruce D. White" of Fairfax County
Like we don't have enough of these Ailing Judges in Virginia........!

Mr. Albo our children’s faith is in the hands of you & the House of Delegates,
by selecting fair & rational Judges…..

Washington Post Article in Regards Of Judge Finch

Washington Post in Regards of Judge Finch of Fairfax County Circuit Court

Va. Judge Selection Process Criticized
Group Challenges Lack of Public Input

By Tom JackmanWashington Post Staff Writer Monday, March 2, 2009; Page B01
A group of more than 200 Virginia residents, calling themselves the "Pitchfork Rebellion" and frustrated with the way the state selects judges, wants the public to have more say in who sits on the bench and for how long. Virginia is one of only two states, along with South Carolina, that empower their state legislatures to pick state judges, a process primarily conducted behind closed doors.

Judge Tandy Rinehart

Judicial Corruption :
in the Matter of Sherry Hayward
My experiences with Substitute Judge Tandy B. Rinehart & the Stafford County, Virginia, courts began in 2002. Sub-judge Rinehart was hired by my now ex husband, Timothy Stohler, to represent him in our divorce. He hired her after consulting with every good attorney in the area to prevent me from hiring them. She is a waste of oxygen. She did however manage to get my ex full custody of my daughter leaving me with "reasonable visitation". Whatever that means. After our separation we had joint custody with almost equal time. She wrote to my attorney it seemed almost everyday with flimsy complaints & false allegations I suspect to financially break me. My daughter adjusted well & was still excelling in school. When it came time for the actual divorce hearing Sub-judge Rinehart was........