No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

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Virginia's Criminal Justice
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Did not follow Virginia statues nor provide required rationale for his decision.
Judge Frank Somerville
Culpeper County
The military needs to train/rehabilitate their boy, his actions have shown he needs help and has let our government down. Judge Somerville's moral compass is far beyond off course and is affecting every ones lives, the ripple affect is huge and is permanently damaging the society and economy in Culpeper VA. Judge Somerville is negatively using the court room and the small court room on upper floor to commit crimes against individuals that he and his peers have targeted. Judge Somerville commits and allows others to commit domestic violence in and out of the court room, and this judge is not for the best interests of your children. Judge Somerville benefits financially, favors to allow these bad things to happen. A few of Judge Frank Somerville's organized crime members are GAL Michael Sharman, Gwen Corley Therapist, Janet Lynn Ours Esq., Judge Dudley Payne/Mediator. Huge negative outcomes, and drastically affecting all children and every ones future.
Please add this judge to your list.

I’ve been gravely disappointed with the quality of Judge Hutton’s opinions, his appearance of impropriety, and in his undue delay (16 months) in providing an opinion in a contempt of court charge I filed against my opposing counsel.

This judge just out right refused to recognize and take into consideration the realities surrounding the case. I was totally in the wrong and what ever the Mother said was taken as the word of God. He had a total and complete disregard for what was really in the best interests of my son and my son has suffered for it. What is really disturbing is I was only looking for joint custody and equal time.

Chesapeake Circuit
Smith ignored every bit of evidence that the defendant was innocent. He looked at him when he first stood up and got this look on his face like, " I know this guy is guilty." He even lied about the evidence in his ruling. This "judge" needs to be locked up.

Sharp has repeatedly denied me due process for political reasons and has caused my children unspeakable harm for the benefit of his friends despite overwhelming evidence presented over and over again.

This corrupt judge along with his "cohort" child guardian (Diana M. Perkinson) work well together in perfect unison, to destroy innocent families in the Roanoke County, Virginia area. God only knows the overwhelming statistics of innocent lives suffering at their evil hands.
Henrico Circuit Court, Richmond, VA
This judge flat out denied me due process of the law & gave my house away & had me evicted as a tenant after I paid $200K to build the house & lived there alone for almost 5 years paying the mortgage, taxes and HOA fees. I was never allowed to show my proof or call on y own witnesses. He totally discriminated against me for being a Hispanic gay woman from NY, just because he is the President of the Christian Family Values Assoc, in Richmond, VA.

Richmond, VA
This judge flat out denied me due process of the law and gave my house away to a crazy diabolical ex who paid nothing for my house & who is not even on the deed. I paid over $200K for my house up front & lived there for almost 5 years alone & he allowed a sheriff to evict me as a tenant. I was denied my rights because I am a gay woman from NY, who was never allowed to show my proof of payments and to have my witnesses testify on behalf. This Judge has acted like he is under the table with the shyster lawyer who represented my ex.

Chesapeake, VA
don’t know if he’s pissed at being repeatedly passed over for Circuit Court or if he’s been passed over because he’s just an idiot. I’ve actually seen this man asleep during a trial. He doesn’t listen to the testimony and makes up his decisions as he goes along. Let’s hope that when he leaves the JDR, he doesn't go any higher.

JUDGE WILLIAM SHARPCity of Winchester, Virginia
Judge Sharp doesn't even know the LAW and can't seem to read it even when you provide him a COPY of it. Same with Beth Kellas - her last order VIOLATED state and Federal US Code!!They continue to write orders without ANY JURISDICTION - which is cool on the flip side cuz Judges get NO Judicial Immunity from a Federal Judge when Civil Rights lawsuits against them personally are filed.

JUDGE ELIZABETH KELLASCity of Winchester, Virginia
At a "private" Bar Associate meeting I snuck into- she AND Judge Sharp stated "I do not look at any pleadings filed until the actual hearing" - Maybe THAT’S why there's no such thing as getting a DCSE Show Cause filed ILLEGALLY by a NON ATTORNEY working for the state, or NOT PERSONALLY SERVED as required by the LAW to be Dismissed?

JUDGE CHARLES LINCONJuvenile & Domestic Marion, VA
This judge used to be the attorney for dept of corrections in Marion, VA. the father of my child is employed with Dept of Corrections in Marion, VA. However when we went to court over custody of my son there were no conflicts of interest declared. Oh and by the way the father got custody of my son how ironic is that?

Judge Durden was supposed to have retired in 2007 however supposedly because of the case load he has been kept on. Judge Durden does not care about the Non Custodial parents rights at all in my opinion. He actually has empowered the criminal activity of the noncustodial parent in my case. Four times he has found her guilty of Failure to Comply with visitation orders, resulting in 4 suspended sentences. He "forgot" things that were said during testimony. I had to correct him on more than one occasion, he does not maintain order in the court allowing my testimony to be disturbed by the custodial parents outburst and actually ACKNOWLEDGING her comments without giving her a warning for being disorderly. I am sure he has destroyed more child - parent relationships than he has helped.

JUDGE GAYLORD FINCHFairfax County, VA 19th Circuit
He should have been removed from the bench long ago.

JUDGE WESTBROOK J. PARKERChief Judge Suffolk, Virginia
He is not a believer in citizens constitutional rights. Participated in a set up between the Gloucester Board of Supervisors, their lawyer Antony Troy to penalize citizens who petitioned to remove four corrupt supervisors.

JUDGE THOMAS J. WOODAugusta Co. Circuit Court
Extremely corrupt judge who should be in jail himself for corruption! He is now retired but still sits in on cases periodically

Waynesboro J&D Court
This judge ignored an attempted murder on my life by the father of my five year old little boy, who witnessed the incident. He did not see this to be a concern when giving him custody.

This judge fell asleep 4 times during a trial and he lets the prosecutors run his court room. On this same day and same trail Judge Cales did not deliberate the case at all as if his mind was already made up before trail. Judge Cales never even considered the defendant evidence and made his ruling of one persons testimony. This is a very bad state and court to have trouble in. I felt very bad for that guy his whole life was in a sleeping judges had and he was convicted for something that seemed so clear that he was innocence.

He used contempt of court, summary, to stop a protest outside of the court. He lied from the bench. This is going to the court of appeals. When he is overruled he must be impeached. Parker should not be on the Bench, he is not truthful. We the people must not stand for this type of people in his position.

Fairfax, VA

Judge Finch is a bad excuse for a judge. He needs to go!

J&DR Williamsburg/James City County, VA
Not one of these laws in the Code of Virginia was adhered to in a cases I know of. I witnessed some of it. I gave him a fair on communications because he is good at twisting a witnesses words and getting them out of the witness box quickly when their testimony is damaging to the person he wants to win. He controls the local police (Virginia Gazette article in October 2008) who fail to report crimes against a parent by the other or write false reports to make one parent look badly. I have heard him violate every statute in this list. I know one woman who has the proof of false reports.

Chesapeake Circuit
This guy never belonged on the bench. He bought his way in with contributions to legislators' campaigns. Was responsible for at least 1 wrongful convictions as Commonwealth's Attorney. Has already been overruled on appeal at least twice. Even ruled against his own clerk of court.

JUDGE SAUEL T POWELLWilliamsburg/James City County Circuit Court, VA
Refuses to recuse himself from a case I know of even though legal action has been taken against him in Federal Court by one of the people in the case. Threatens sanctions from bench for any action against him. Uses friends for his dirty work. Friends profit by his decisions. Appointed Tommy Norment to $350,000 per year post only days before re-appointment to bench. Norment abstained from vote, but worked behind the scenes to help Powell.

Va. Supreme Court
Chief Justice Hassell has violated the Constitution of Virginia and Va. Code § 17.1-913. Confidentiality of papers and proceedings...A. All papers filed ...including the identification of the subject judge as well as all testimony and other evidence and any transcript thereof ...or (iv) participates in any proceeding of the Commission or in the official recording or transcription thereof, except that the record of any proceeding filed with the Supreme Court shall lose its confidential characterAll records of proceedings before the Commission which are NOT filed with the Supreme Court in connection with a formal complaint filed with that tribunal, shall be kept in the confidential files of the Commission.

As a new "judge" of the Va. Supreme Court (not really, he's the clerk) I'm curious why the high Court cannot cite the LAW permitting people other than Judges the authority to sign COURT ORDERS - ??? Even my FOIA was denied - citing that would be the unauthorized practice of law to cite which law grants that authority - I think they meant - there is NO LAW.
Judge Olds doesn't listen, doesn't even follow her own orders, try to make new law from the bench, In one breath she made an order then with another breath she counter the order. She is the first female judge in Chesapeake, and it has gone to her head. Also note that if she order you to do something which she doesn't have the power to enforce that order will get lost from your court file, so get a copy asap Do not go into her courtroom with an lawyer, and if you really want her to do her job also hired a court Stenographer to record your hearing, you have this right in VA, However JDR will not give you any names of these people
JUDGE R. POTTERCircuit Court, Prince William Co, Manassas, VA
He is a complete clown that have people suffer for decisions made by him without taking into consideration the financial and other livelihood of other people that he affect on its decisions that create lots of problems for families of victims of his Circus court mainly by a Clown judge and corrupt court like his.
J&DR Court Henrico VA
Had not read the past case history, and ordered father to pay child support on 3 children of mother, when one is his. Had no idea what happened before, and laughed at grandmother when asked for visitation. Motion after motion are being ignored to lower the child support, is basically a clueless rubber stamper counting the days until Friday golf with all their friends the lawyers.
J&DR Court Henrico VA
Refused to hear testimony, had no proof, only the say so of a women who on numerous occasions had been caught lying in court, which there is no record for because Henrico court do not keep records, as law demands, this way there is no record of their lack of evidential due process, and disregard of testimony of others, and her actions reflect her bias towards men, and power trip that gives her the means to be as nasty as she wants, no proof necessary. And NO ONE IS WATCHING SO THEY GET AWAY WITH IT 100 times a day, five days a week.
As clueless of the law as Williams and Will, with evidence to the contrary, and the DA stating that this "abuse" could have happened earlier in the day, when there were no witnesses. With three people stating otherwise, the women was still the "victim" and the guy was the abuser, oh wait, because the testimony was only 2, Will refused to hear the 3rd witness?