No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't look for justice for your kids in Fairfax, VA Courtrooms

Steer clear of the Fairfax County courts if your kids are important to you because I guarantee you that the welfare of your kids is the last thing that is important to them, the well-being of your children IS THE LAST THING ON THEIR MINDS,

You can also find this on the comment section of: Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Are Court appointees profiting off of fractured fa...":

See this posting at the Mommy Go Bye Bye blog...,

(SOURCE: Bailiff and Fairfax County Deputy Sheriff regarding circuit judge decisions in child custody disputes), Bad custody decisions are good for business, and the typical custody judge in Virginia IS A BUSINESSMAN FIRST...
For this statement by a court official and bailiff who should know...
“They do the opposite of what they should do.” (SOURCE: Bailiff and Fairfax County Deputy Sheriff regarding circuit judge decisions in child custody disputes),
And understand before it is too late that bad custody decisions are good for business, and the typical custody judge in Virginia IS A BUSINESSMAN FIRST...
These custody judges figured it out a long time ago that there is nothing more lucrative than to rule in favor of an indecent parent. Remember that they were practicing lawyers before becoming a judge.
As practitioners they learn early on that there is no better catch than the client who is an indecent (narcissistic, jealous, hateful, vindictive, controlling, angry, violent, manipulative, sociopathic, paranoid, un-empathetic, obsessive-compulsive) parent with a lot of money saved up, a good job, or an inheritance,
So don't look for justice for your kids in the courtrooms of Fairfax County...
That place is swarming with scumbag jds and court appointed phds and court appointed gals.
They will take your money and use your money to tear you up. Those court appointees will take your money and use it as kickbacks for the judges who put them on your case.
So don't be stupid. Steer clear of the Fairfax County courts if your kids are important to you because I guarantee you that the welfare of your kids is the last thing that is important to them, the well-being of your children IS THE LAST THING ON THEIR MINDS,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Give Rikki where she belongs. To her mother. Claudine Dombrowski

1The President of the USA Now Knows What's Going On in Kansas. So let know everybody who's responsible for the shame happened in Kansas that we know what they did last week. We are able to push them till they give Rikki where she belongs. To her mother. Claudine Dombrowski. We are all here for you.

Judge Richard D. Anderson Shawnee County Kansas –Made a “Deal” and Sold a Child to her Abuser– so HE Could Become Chief Judge–
Injustice in Oz: Are Judge David Debenham and GAL M. Jill Dykes Acting in the Best Interest of the Child or Engaged in a Cover-up?
Read the full story here.
This court order is a blatant violation of the First Amendment. If she believes she is being treated unfairly, or if she just wishes to make people aware of her case, she should be able to do so free of a court-ordered gag rule.
Judge Richard D. Anderson Shawnee County Kansas –Made a “Deal” and Sold a Child to her Abuser– so HE Could Become Chief Judge–

Sealed Records, Gag Orders, and Closed Court

Judge David Debenham’s first order of business on Friday was to clear the courtroom of witnesses to the proceedings. He claimed it was in the best interest of the child. Then, he confiscated Ms. Dombrowski’s cell phone, ordered the records sealed, and issued a gag order. This is from the court docket:
Court finds that Dr. Rodeheffer’s report of May 18, 2010, has been published on the website of Respondent. Court suspends Respondent’s parenting time pending final hearing in this matter. Respondent’s counsel is to review Respondent’s cell phone to determine if there are images of report on Respondent’s cell phone – Respondent’s phone time with minor child to continue but to Petitioner’s home phone. Due to publication of report on the Internet, which deals with minor child, Court finds that there is a privacy interest of the minor child that is central to these proceedings and outweighs the public interest and orders that the files, records, and transcripts of the case be sealed until further order of the Court. J. Dykes to do order.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet Barry Goldstein

August 28 · 9:00am - 10:00am

More Info Times above are in CST (Texas Time) :D

This is a show to listen to for anyone that has experienced the failing of the courts when it comest to custody issues. Barry Goldstein is co-editor with Dr. Mo Therese Hannah of the new book, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY. The book contains the most up-to-date research available and establishes the custody court system is failing to protect children because it is using outdate...d and discredited practices adopted 30+ years ago at a time when no research was available. Barry will speak about how we know the custody court system is broken and more importantly how to win the reforms necessary to protect our children.
See More

we will meet again on Friday, October 1st, 2010,

Rights for Mothers Invitation
On Mother’s Day 2010, a large crowd of well over 100 concerned citizens wearing Mothers of Lost Children white T-shirts rallied in front of the White House. After a silent vigil from 11:00 am until noon and a speakout from noon to 1:00 pm that included Mildred Mohammad, former wife of the D.C. Sniper, there was a march down 17th Avenue. Our signs and banners protested the family courts endangerment of 58,000 children per year who must visit or live with their batterers and molesters with no hope of release.

The event was so well received that we will meet again on Friday, October 1st, 2010, the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, in front of the U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20530-0001 for a press conference at 11:00 am (pending permits).
We will then march about a mile to the Senate buildings and attend prearranged visits with Senators to request that they reschedule the 1994 the Senate Labor and Human Resources Subcommittee Congressional hearing that was postponed. That hearing was designed to address the issues of failures of child protective and family court systems to protect adult and child victims of violence and abuse, statutes of limitations for reporting sexual abuse, and retaliatory targeting of mandated reporters who report child sexual abuse. These problems have grown significantly worse in the past 16 years.
We will end our march at the Sewall Belmont House, 144 Constitution Avenue NE, the suffragists’ headquarters a century ago.
We plan to stay at the Hostelling International, 1009 11th Street NW, Washington DC, which we found to be clean and inexpensive. The following day, Saturday, October 2nd, we will rally at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.
For more information please contact Connie Valentine, 916-233-8381 or

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Children who witness abuse.....

Then, Children are forced into the abusive & neglectful hands of Immoral parent...........
Full story here.....
When children witness domestic violence, they start to believe it is acceptable. The Department of Justice has stated they don’t even have to witness it…they just have to be in the same household to be considered as witnessing. When an abuser gets custody of children from their victim, the children get validation, thanks to family court and the associated corrupt bastards, that it is acceptable to beat a parent, then take the children to live with the perpetrator. So this study is no surprise given the sad shape of family courts worldwide, and the bias against mothers.

What is shocking is the large numbers of children who believe hitting a woman is justified. Ugggh! From the BBC:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where is Deborah S. Olin? What is going to happen to the Children who were Demolished by her Hideous actions?

Where is Deborah S. Olin? What is going to happen to the Children who were Demolished by her Hideous actions?
Oh my God….We are ambushed in Olin’s depraved Scheme.........
There is no hope of receiving a fair ruling or get out of Olin’s trap………..
Ms Olin counterfeited court orders which are not matching the Court Report.....She Basically unlawfully Structures & makes up Court orders.The most dangerous Guardian Ad Litem in Fairfax, Arlington County
Deborah S Olin
After receiving so many complaints in regards of Deborah S Olin's terrifying actions, & concerning the way this GAL who frequently appointed by Judges in Arlington & Fairfax county courts handeling little innocent children's cases, We decided to publish this issue in Mommy go bye bye few months ago, since then we have established so many chilling stories.By researching & Comparing Olin’s cases we found it so appalling that she practices almost a uniformed strategy in order to damage Children and their Mom’s lives. Her Most popular tactic is “Judge Shopping” in order to set you up in the Court & get what she wants through her fellow Influenced Judges. Olin’s Case #1:The child who lived to tell the tale of sick minded GAL – Deborah S Olin turned 18 years old and ready to expose the real depraved GAL who put this child in torment & agony for more than 5 years………….Ms. Olin decided to place her in different foster homes, while the loving fit parents were endlessly fighting to bring her back home and at the same time the child was begging her (Olin) to do so, as a result of her actions, The minor child attempted suicide 4 times, Ran away from different Foster homes to find her way back to her loving real parents, turned into drugs,………& so much more….when you see the evidences & facts on this case, it makes you sick into your stomach, nevertheless makes you wonder, how this malicious woman got appointed on such a important position by Virginia Judges………. ?Deborah Olin was switching Judges within minutes. We were scheduled to be in the X Judge’s Court Room, but always end up before her fellow Judge who was unfairly influenced by Olin……. So, we knew, no matter how strong our evidences are, there is no way of getting a fair verdict. Oh my God….We are ambushed in Olin’s depraved Scheme, said………………….. Mother begged to have her daughter in the separate home, while the father trying to clear the accusations against him, Olin objected………..Mother saw her daughter in the court after a long time of separation, both wanted to hug each other.Olin: “You only have 1 Minute to hold your daughter” while closely checking on them……"one minute is up," she said while separating the Mother who had no accusations against her from her loving daughter…….This is outrages.Detailed & comprehensive of this story to be published soon.
Olin's Case # 2:Deborah S. Olin proceedings & her atrocious actions In regards of Dr. Ariel King & her 5 year old daughter (Ariana-Leilani now 6) who Olin managed to unfairly take her away from the loving Mother.Mother has not seen her daughter for over one year now.Dr. Ariel King (Mother) is actively demanding her daughter’s (Ariana-Leilani now 6) rights to be acknowledged through UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and various other local & international organizations.Motion for sanctions against the Guardian Ad Litem & Motion to dismiss the Guardian Ad Litem (Deborah Olin) & Motion to show Cause against D. Olin - here
Olin's Case # 3:In regards of delivering Minor Children's passports to the convicted Document-fraud- addicted /Criminal Father.Tragedy Started when“Deborah S Olin” was appointed as the GAL........ on this case.The 2 little girls are in the serious menace at this point, all because of this woman.The convicted criminal Father who only had Supervised visitation due to his criminal acts, acquired not only unsupervised visitation, but granted with the children’s passports…….with the help of eminent Judge shopper, anti Children/ Mothers rights Guardian Ad-Litem Deborah S Olin.
Ms Olin managed the counterfeited court order which is not matching the Court Report.
The magistrate office issued arrest warrant against the Father for electronic harassments, due to the Threatening emails he was sending to Mother (on most Olin was included)On the Father’s criminal Court dates, Ms. Olin (Guardian Ad-Litem for the Children?) was there for the Father !!!!Olin keeps Intimidating the Mother and running around to find one of her fellow Judges in order to dismiss and drop the charges against the Father………… bizarre is that? Why we always end up with Olin’s unjust fellow Judges? We were scheduled to be heard in Judge…. Court Room, how did we end up in Olin’s prejudiced Judge again & again & again???????????? There is no hope of receiving a fair ruling or get out of Olin’s trap………..Said……. (Sound fimiliar with Case #1 above?) This case is outrages, but, it’s well documented. More to come on this case...... We are actively communicating with different organizations, in order to get to the bottom of this corruption…………………
Dear Ms. Lelia Hopper
Director Court Improvement ProgramOffice of the Executive SecretarySupreme Court of VirginiaRichmond, Virginia
(804) 786-9546
Dear Ms. Lelia Hopper;I’ve received this article, and sending you ……………………This is in regards of GAL Deborah S Olin I would say one of the worst GALs in the Fairfax County and Arlington Courts.So far, I am aware of #s outrages cases that D. Olin has totally damaged the children and Mom’s lives.These Moms abused by the GAL Deborah Olin believe that the system failed their children and the family.She has no mercy for the little kids and definitely hates their Moms…………..they say, even though ……………………Dear Mr. Dave Albo;Chairman of Virginia House of DelegatesI start writing you the story of my excruciating experience in the desecrated Fairfax County courts “Both JD&R & Circuit” for the past 7 years and you be the Judge of all Judges please…………..the nightmare started when Deborah S. Olin was assigned on our case, She is..........

James Martinez (not verified)
at 16:11 on September 9th, 2009
Its sad to hear that this woman is not the only one I am having problems with another Guardian Ad Litem Named Nancy Alsfeder , who works on cases coming out of fairfax county who is not doing her job and trying to do her best to see that my daughter goes into the system. I am a fit father who resides in california and has been traveling back and forth .This Nancy lady has nothing to put against me but the fact that I have lived a great satisfying life in a different state ...My daughters mother who has been allegated with abuse and neglect against my daughter and who is facing assult and battery againt her own motherand also has drug dependency problems, is still being given a better oppurtunity than I have they are still some what considering my daughter be put there with her..But ultimately placing her in foster care there is no reason for my daughter to be awarded to the state when she has a father who can provide and nurture her..It sad that this county is getting away with destroying familys Please if there is anyone who is interested in hearing my case or have some advice on what i can do please contact me.

Dawn Davis (not verified)
at 15:45 on September 29th, 2009
I am learning that my story is all too familiar. My divorce case was heard in Suffolk, Virginia (3 hours southwest of Fairfax). I have lived in Northern VA for a little over two years now, since my ex-husband threw me and our 20 month old son at the time out of our home. He pulled a knife on me and locked himself in the bathroom. He kept yelling that he wished he was dead and wished he had a gun. When I tried to leave with our son in my arms, he swung open the door and tried to pull our son from my arms into the bathroom with the knife. During the first hearing two years ago, I was awarded full custody and he got supervised visitation. He was also ordered to go to a psychiatrist for an evaluation, which he turned out to be diagnosed with Major Depression and Adjustment Disorder. A Guardian ad Litem, T. Kirk Pretlow was assigned to the case at the request of my husband's attorney. My attorney objected, requesting the judge appoint his own, but the judge turned the request down. From that point on and for two years, the GAL was a nightmare for me. He never called me, interviewed me. or even called my son's daycare and doctor for interviews. He kept threatening me to "talk" to my husband or it would result in me losing custody. I replied to him (through email) that I had no problems talking to my husband, but only about our son. My husband wanted to talk to me everyday, and cried to the GAL whenever I didn't citing that I was not communicating. To make matters worse, my husband assaulted my mom during a visitation drop off and was convicted in August 2008. THe GAL told me that it was my fault for the assault, even though I wasn't even there. He always blamed me for my husband's outbursts. I reported the GAL to the Virginia Sate Board in November 2008 and wrote a letter to the judge. By rule, they notify the attorney when a complaint is filed. I was hoping this would get him to remove himself from the case, make the judge remove him or at least make him do his job, but it did not. He said that my son should stay with me, but during the final trial on August 31, 2009, he stood up and saif that he "changed his mind." He said that I needed to "mellow out" and I needed to have my son taken away from me to teach me a lesson and make me talk to my husband. The judge had said earlier in the case that he would wait for the GAL's opinion before making a ruling on custody. The parenting evaluator also changed his mind. His first report recommended that I keep physical custody, with my son not spending more than a week from me. Well, in February 2009, he was paid double by my husband to conduct a new evaluation and had already conducted a home visit before even calling me to tell me. His name is Dr. Brain K. Wald. In court, he admitted to being paid $6000 by my husband and $1000 for his appearance. He even lied about when he spoke to me. I lost physical custody of my son to a man with mental illness and an arrest record. I would ask myself how o why this happened, but I know how, and only the good Lord knows why. I believe that this is a temporary situation to allow me to reach out to others and share my story. Shedding light on our judicial system is the only way there wil ltruly be justice. THere are so many corrupt attorneys and judges out there, that to try a remove them all on your own would take forever. But to bring the stories together and shed the light on the bigger issue; children being displaced and losing precious years for no resason. If you want to share you story, you have a pair of ears ready to listen. I plan to write an editorial to publish of the many stories out there that are all too familiar and devasting.

Corrupt Custody Evaluator Janelle Burrill is going to be in handcuffs soon...

Custody Mediator Picketed
Parents who have lost custody of their children picketed the office of the woman they say committed child abuse, extortion and fraud.
By KFBK's Bob Moffitt
Thursday, August 5, 2010
Listen to the report Three parents have filed complaints with the Sacramento Police Department against Doctor Janelle Burrill who is a court-appointed mediator in custody disputes in divorce cases. Among those on the losing end is Jayraj Nair. He says his son was taken away in handcuffs a year and a half ago and that he and his entire family have been barred from seeing his son since. He says Doctor Burrill diagnosed Suraj as suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome after the boy did not want to visit with his mother. Burrill's attorney and husband, John O'Donnell would not comment. In March, her Board Certified Diplomate Certification was revoked by the American Board of Examiners.
I truly hope the system can come crumbling down and we can pull our children from the wreckage.
Virginian Mothers who have been injured by :
Keep in mind that these two Defective & dangerous VA Court appointed Child Custody GAL & child evaluator, Should be going in handcuffs along with Janelle Burrill. Lets take action and bring them to Justice.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

punishing a mother for speaking to News Channel after The FATHER raped his child and is now...........

"When a protective mother who is not trained in the law…tries to get criminal charges filed against a child abuser and speaks out when the system failsher child, she is prosecuted."We have seen repeated examples" he says, where officials "have neglected their duty to aggressively and competently investigate child abuse cases and take offenders off the street."
She said that the Children’s Assessment Center, a Houston-run facility that specializes in assessing children who may have been abused, confirmed that her daughter had been molested and sexually assaulted by her husband. On top of it, her husband had voluntarily confessed to police that he had, indeed, molested children.
But weeks had since passed and her now-estranged husband had still not been arrested.
In a television interview with the 11 News Defenders, the mother described how the police officer handling her case had repeatedly promised an arrest on a particular date. But she claimed that date would come and go with no arrest.
Frustrated, she said she called the officer and was told that it wasn’t unusual in "these types of cases" for an arrest not to occur until nine weeks had passed.
Eventually, the mother decided to tape her next conversation with that officer, which was later broadcast on KHOU.
In the taped exchange, he explained the delay:
" I’ve got 100 of these that I’m actually working on literally...and there’s no way you can work ‘em with any kind of consistency and keep up."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Criminal action against Corrupt Judge and Custody Evaluator

Make sure to make a CNN ireport about it, she’ll like that.

Another lazy, biased, corrupt judge lets an abuser have visitation with young son he is abusing, and threatens to take custody from the mother if she complains anymore about it. Judges that do this deserve the death penalty.
Fire them, send them to court and convict them, and sentence them to death. That is what they do to these children when they tell mothers they are lying, and order the children to go with the abusive father.
Here is the portion of the article where the judge threatens the mother. Grrrrrrrrrr:

“Your honor, I fear for my son, he came back with all the bruising,” Gallegos said, according to court transcripts, not finishing her sentence.

“I already made my order OK?” Pacheco said. “I talked to the detective; the detective talked to the doctor. I’ve done my investigation, I feel very confident this man did not hurt his son all right? …“I think you’re overreacting all right? Now, if you continue to act this way… I’ll have to take custody away from you and… I will give custody to the person (Murderer of your little Son) that is most willing to cooperate with the other parent, and giving them custody OK?” Pacheco said, according to court transcripts.

“I understand you want to protect your child, and that’s fine. That’s the way moms are, and dads too. But I don’t see anything here to stop him from letting him see his son OK?

I really don’t.”

Pacheco ordered the mother to continue allowing overnight weekend visits between the toddler and his father and threatened to take away custody if she made additional allegations against the father.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dishonored and influenced Judges in Fairfax County Virginia

Judge Bruce D. White
How do you feel if you have to leave your little grand child unsupervised, in the hands of a Convicted Criminal, who has no Identity but a chain of criminal activities, who just happened to be the Father ?
Let alone giving him the child's Passport.If they don’t come back home, how do you report a missing person to the police? If you don’t know where he lives, or work, what name he is using today? If he always caries loads of cash money to conduct his unlawful business & using his little kids to enhance his ugly Business.
Do you still justify your ruling on this case as
“Best Interest of the

How about Judge Leslie Alden who allowed deceiving man to demonstrate forged Documents, in her court room....under Oath......... ????????
Judge Leslie Alden knowingly allowed perjured testimony in her court room..... I have seen her invent non-existent rules and conditions concerning quantum merit (a type of contract case)………….. It was clear to me that she really did not ...