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Monday, January 4, 2010

Reform on Virginia General Assembly 2010 agenda‏

Domestic Relations

HB 14 Domestic relations cases; witness refusal to answer question on ground that it may self-incriminate.

HB 39 Bigamy; person found guilty may be ordered by court to make restitution to other party of marriage.

HB 40 Disabled parent; cannot be guilty of criminal nonsupport if child is in necessitous circumstances.

HB 66 Child and spousal support; court to appoint vocational expert to conduct testing and interviews.

HB 67 Domestic relations cases; party/witness refusal to answer question on ground may self-incriminate.

HB 146 Child support; court may order continuation for child over age 18 who is attending college.

HB 165 Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act; stay of proceedings.

HB 216 Assault and battery against a family or household member; protective order, penalty.

HB 377 Equitable distribution; monetary award in a divorce case is enforceable in same manner as judgment.

HJ 55 Constitutional amendment; repeals 2006 referendum dealing with marriage (first reference).

SB 69 Surrogacy; permits contract to be entered into by an unmarried person, a surrogate, etc.

SB 157 Preliminary removal orders; required to specify frequency, location, and duration of visitation.

SB 161 Divorce proceedings; service requirements and waiver of notice of further proceedings.