No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Court violated the Rights of Child

Child Abuse is ALSO committed by Government Social Workers who SNATCH a beautiful baby based on FALSE CHARGES
of "starving" the child, "failure to thrive" Child Abuse,
when the FACTS of Weights and Dates PROVE no Child Abuse.
The Foster Parents were Politically Connected to the County Chairman, and later Court Clerk.
The Court violated the Rights of Child, ...........Mother and Father.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I lost physical custody of my son to a man with mental illness and an arrest record.

Comment on our article:
The most dangerous Guardian Ad Litem in Fairfax Arlington County

Deborah S. Olin G.A.L
Dawn Davis (not verified)
at 15:45 on September 29th, 2009

He pulled a knife on me and locked himself in the bathroom. He kept yelling that he wished he was dead and wished he had a gun. When I tried to leave with our son in my arms, he swung open the door and tried to pull our son from my arms into the bathroom with the knife.

I am learning that my story is all too familiar. My divorce case was heard in Suffolk, Virginia (3 hours southwest of Fairfax).
I have lived in Northern VA for a little over two years now, since my ex-husband threw me and our 20 month old son at the time out of our home.

He pulled a knife on me and locked himself in the bathroom. He kept yelling that he wished he was dead and wished he had a gun. When I tried to leave with our son in my arms, he swung open the door and tried to pull our son from my arms into the bathroom with the knife.

During the first hearing two years ago, I was awarded full custody and he got supervised visitation. He was also ordered to go to a psychiatrist for an evaluation, which he turned out to be diagnosed with Major Depression and Adjustment Disorder.

A Guardian ad Litem, T. Kirk Pretlow was assigned to the case at the request of my husband's attorney. My attorney objected, requesting the judge appoint his own, but the judge turned the request down.
From that point on and for two years, the GAL was a nightmare for me. He never called me, interviewed me. or even called my son's daycare and doctor for interviews. He kept threatening me to "talk" to my husband or it would result in me losing custody.
I replied to him (through email) that I had no problems talking to my husband, but only about our son. My husband wanted to talk to me everyday, and cried to the GAL whenever I didn't citing that I was not communicating.
To make matters worse, my husband assaulted my mom during a visitation drop off and was convicted in August 2008.
The GAL told me that it was my fault for the assault, even though I wasn't even there. He always blamed me for my husband's outbursts. I reported the GAL to the Virginia Sate Board in November 2008 and wrote a letter to the judge. By rule, they notify the attorney when a complaint is filed.
I was hoping this would get him to remove himself from the case, make the judge remove him or at least make him do his job, but it did not. He said that my son should stay with me, but during the final trial on August 31, 2009, he stood up and said that he "changed his mind." He said that I needed to "mellow out" and I needed to have my son taken away from me to teach me a lesson and make me talk to my husband.
The judge had said earlier in the case that he would wait for the GAL's opinion before making a ruling on custody.
The parenting evaluator also changed his mind. His first report recommended that I keep physical custody, with my son not spending more than a week from me. Well, in February 2009, he was paid double by my husband to conduct a new evaluation and had already conducted a home visit before even calling me to tell me. His name is Dr. Brian K. Wald.
In court, he admitted to being paid $6000 by my husband and $1000 for his appearance. He even lied about when he spoke to me.
I lost physical custody of my son to a man with mental illness and an arrest record. I would ask myself how o why this happened, but I know how, and only the good Lord knows why.
I believe that this is a temporary situation to allow me to reach out to others and share my story. Shedding light on our judicial system is the only way there will truly be justice. There are so many corrupt attorneys and judges out there, that to try a remove them all on your own would take forever. But to bring the stories together and shed the light on the bigger issue;
Children being displaced and losing precious years for no reason. If you want to share your story, you have a pair of ears ready to listen. I plan to write an editorial to publish of the many stories out there that are all too familiar and devastating.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My life is currently in danger because of corrupted judge Bruce D. White

My life is currently in danger because of corrupted judge Bruce D. White! I don’t know whether I’d still exist in the next minute or not.............

Should Judge Bruce D. White of Fairfax County, Virginia Circuit court be removed from the Bench?

Anh Pham:

Comment/ Petition Signed No.: 209/19/09

Yes, immediately!


My name is Anh Pham. I am a female student of Lord Fairfax Community College. My life is currently in danger because of this corrupted judge! I don’t know whether I’d still exist in the next minute or not, but I wish to send my vote to you for true Justice to be done. I’m available for further questions at

Any day that this horrible man is still in his position spells out danger to all citizens!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I was insulted and discriminated by Judge Bruce D. White for no reason

I just experienced another Immoral Judgment of Judge Bruce D. White of Fairfax County, on the Friday Motion Day 9/18/2009.
We Asked...........................
Should Judge Bruce D. White of Fairfax County, Virginia Circuit court be removed from the Bench?

YES: Yes. Immediately.

My name is Lily Guan. I was just experienced another Immoral Judgment of Judge Bruce White on the Friday Motion Day 9/18/2009.

I was insulted for no reason, discriminated for just being an Oriental American woman, and “judged before trial” by this horrible Judge.

If any of you wish to obtain more detail on my case, please feel free to contact me at my email address

Any day that Judge BRUCE D. WHITE exists in the court room,...that means, JUSTICE does not ...........

Friday, September 11, 2009

Judge Ramona Taylor Censured by the Supreme Court

Ramos is escorted into the courtroom of Chief Judge Ramona D. Taylor in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Virginia Beach.

Supreme Court censures Va. Beach judge
November 5th, 2009 ·

Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations Judge Ramona Taylor is censured by the Supreme Court of Virginia today for thwarting a juvenile defendant’s right to appeal the judge’s bond ruling.

In 2007, Taylor denied bond for a 15-year-old repeat offender who admitted assaulting a younger boy. Taylor then wrote in her bond order that the order was “non-appealable” and emphasized that language when the clerk inquired about the issue of appeal.

Noting that, under Virginia law, every bond decision is appealable, a five-member majority of the Supreme Court holds that Taylor violated the judicial canons when she acted to prevent an appeal of her order. “A judge may not prevent the appeal of his or her own decisions,” Justice LeRoy Millette wrote for the majority.
The defendant was in detention for 9 days until a circuit court ordered the matter appealed.
By Peter Vieth

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lisa Deel accused of manipulation, obstruction, negligence, willful and repeated breach,

Lisa Ferry Deel Story in:
Mommy Go Bye Bye

Stockbroker and Financial Advisor Lisa Ferry Deel of Ashburn

and Belmont Country and Golf Club, in Virginia's Loudoun County, is accused of manipulation, obstruction, negligence, willful and repeated breach, and “a failure to execute” in a 2008 case before CBOE, or the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Deel is the same woman who 10 years ago began taking away, with intent to abduct, the daughter of the creator of the Mommy Go Bye Bye blog by force and by use of manipulation, obstruction, negligence, willful and repeated breach, and “a failure to execute.”
The French reserve for such people a special noun ...

Garce ...................

Attorney general nominees clash over ethics issue

By Olympia MeolaPublished: September 17, 2009

Democratic attorney general nominee Stephen C. Shannon, a delegate from Fairfax County, cited the employment controversy involving a state lawmaker yesterday while pitching his plan to strengthen government accountability.
He also dinged his opponent for not calling on the lawmaker to resign.
But Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli, a state senator from Fairfax County, shot back, saying: "This is a pure political stunt on his part."
Del. Phillip A. Hamilton, R-Newport News, is under fire for pursuing a job at a new teaching center at Old Dominion University before he put in a $500,000 budget amendment for the center's creation. Speaker of the House William J. Howell, R-Stafford, has asked the House Ethics Advisory Panel to investigate whether Hamilton violated the state's Conflict of Interest Act.
Shannon reminded reporters yesterday in a conference call that he was the first statewide candidate to call on Hamilton to resign. Cuccinelli has said it should be left up to the voters of Hamilton's district.
"Our next attorney general cannot be ambivalent toward corruption in government. He must be a steadfast defender of the public trust," Shannon said.
But Cuccinelli said one possible outcome of the ethics panel is to refer the case to the attorney general.
"I'm not going to call for [a resignation] because that would suggest a conclusion in an ongoing case that I may end up having a role analogous to a judge in," he said. "[Shannon] doesn't care what the law is and that should bother Virginians a great deal."
Shannon's plan calls for a commission to review and make recommendations on an overhaul of conflict-of-interest laws and increasing the penalty for lawmakers and government employees who violate such laws, in some cases.
He also wants to increase transparency in government by compiling information for the public on the Internet, he said.
Cuccinelli said he has been fighting to make the state's budget more transparent -- including through legislation in 2008 to create a database so people could easily search for state budget items.
"I've been one of the biggest proponents of open government," he said.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Open-government conference to focus on Va. judiciary

Open-government conference to focus on Va. judiciary
Richmond Times Dispatch

By Michael Martz
Published: September 7, 2009

Virginia's judiciary will be the top topic of an annual conference this fall on opening the working of government to public view.
The judicial selection process, controlled by the General Assembly, and a hot-button proposal to make jurors anonymous in criminal cases will be debated by panelists at Access 2009, a conference convened by the Virginia Coalition for Open Government.
The judicial topics will occupy two of the four panels on the second day of the conference, scheduled for Oct. 15 and 16 at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton. The other two panel discussions will examine whether President Barack Obama has lived up to his promises of more transparent government and the workings of Virginia's Freedom of Information Act.

"The focus is access," said Megan Rhyne, executive director of the organization, whose members include the news media, librarians and genealogists, as well as advocates for greater openness in government at all levels.

The executive and legislative branches of government are often the source of concerns about lack of public access to their government, but this year the judicial branch is drawing attention because of the way Virginia selects judges and the potential for juror names being kept anonymous in all criminal cases.
A group of citizens, known as the "Pitchfork Rebellion," have called this year for a public examination of judicial selection. Virginia is one of two states in which the legislature elects judges, but direct election isn't the primary issue under debate.

The group has expressed more concern about the lack of openness in the way judicial candidates are evaluated and chosen, and it wants a public forum on whether to change the selection process and how.

At the same time, the Virginia Supreme Court has raised concerns, especially in the news media, with a proposal to seal the names of jurors in all criminal cases. The proposal, made by the Advisory Committee on Rules of the Court, would go much further than a law adopted by the General Assembly last year to allow judges to limit disclosure of information about jurors in cases in which "good cause" has been established.

Another panel will discuss the Obama administration's record on transparency in matters ranging from spending under the stimulus bill to withholding of logs of visitors to the White House on major matters of public policy, such as health-care reform.
The final panel will discuss Virginia's Freedom of Information Act, which is a primary tool that the public uses to get information that government may not want them to have.
The FOIA also is the subject of a series of one-day seminars planned this fall by the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council. Six one-day seminars are planned: next Monday in Richmond; Sept. 28 in Staunton; Sept. 29 in Abingdon; Oct. 6 in Suffolk; Oct. 27 in Manassas; and Nov. 2 in Richmond.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jim Lafferty - FOX News Reporter Comment to the Founder of Misconduct in Virginia Family Courts

Jim Lafferty - FOX News Reporter
Wrote on August 2nd, 2009 - 10:37 am

Dear .............Thanks for the courageous stand you, Dr. Ariel King and others are taking against the "justice delayed and denied" by some judges here in Virginia.
The light of public attention must be shone on these little cliques of judges and Lawyers who play the system for personal benefit. Virginia's children are fortunate to have a devoted group of courageous Moms like you to speak for them and call the public's attention to their suffering and Judicial indifference.

You are Terrific !

............Responded on August 2nd, 2009 - 6:29 pm

Jim - Thank you so very much for your kind message.

I saw you on the Fox news and I also think that you are doing such a outstanding job.

As you know, Virginian Moms abused by Judicial system have left with no other option but going public in order to disclose the System & Judges corruptions. We are determining to keep on campaigning and fighting against injustice.

We suffered a lot ..............

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's like Mafia is running the legal system in State of Virginia

Mafia is running the legal system in Virginia........

We published this Article in "Now" & received this chilling Story, about another Abused Mother by Virginia Judicial System.

Tracie Outland wrote:
at 08:28 on August 31st, 2009

In answer to this Question:
“Should the Constitution of Virginia be amended to change the method of re-appointing state judges from confirmation by the legislature to retention election by the voters?

YES I also believe a complaint on a judge, lawyer, GAL, therapist needs immediate clean up crew and immediate review and correction of the court files where the hate crime is committed, and immediate punishment and removal of certain individuals committing organized crimes which are targeted at slowly killing a particular individual that they have targeted, and are using the legal court system to slowly kill or remove, create underlying circumstances to come about and even making that particular individual all of sudden have a criminal history where that person never had a criminal history until they walked into juvenile court.
Juvenile court is being used as a beating room against mothers who want to exercise their freedom of speech, want to write to the VA state bar, Judges judicial review committee, and when this individual writes and speaks out about it, the false charges start coming in, and they quickly take the children with no real legitimate reason to do so.

The Judge, GAL, Lawyers both sides, therapist cover each others backs, and are using the legal system and think that because juvenile records are closed to the public that they can fool around with made up motions, orders that never existed. It has gotten so bad that the Mafia is running the legal system.
Like my lawyer told me, I'M A LAWYER, and laugh when a letter was wrote about their criminal behaviors.
That is when they want you dead or in jail, because they don't want their secrets told, especially in writing, and they don't want other peers laughing at them behind their backs.

I am homeless, sleeping in my truck, last night my supper was out of the can, cold canned food, using a gift card from xmas to take showers at the gym, having my clothes stole out of the back of the truck, BUT HEY DCSE is going to do their part and collect for the father who just won in court, got the kids, him involved in hitting mom with truck, mom being beat up the next day, false kidnapping charge mom put in Culpeper news over 6 times and picture put in paper for most wanted with kidnapping across the front of picture, oh and mom was aired on channel 26 with kidnapping across the front of my picture-all for justice for the father to make me look like a criminal when I had full custody of the children at the time, false assault and battery charge, false capias in Albermarle county-even though I had never lived in that county-who would have known I was suppose to been arrested hauled to Albermarle jail and never see the light of day due to many other charges underlying that I did not know about, by the way during this time he kidnapped the children for real and would not let them come back and judge did nothing just laughed, false show causes, even though mom had only made $2,500 in 2007, and no income from then to now, so they imputed mom income when mom wrote letters about them trying to put criminal charges on me and showed down fathers income in court since 2003, and DCSE is withholding my only income I could possibly get and it is from Germania financial aid check I was going to use to find a room with a shower, but instead they gave to the father who makes $131,000 a year, and mom has nothing, slowly softly killing me. The fathers laughs, normal for his violent behavior because the father has GAL Michael Sharman Esq. Culpeper VA, Judge F. Somerville Culpeper VA, Judge D. Payne/Mediator (interrelated family member) Fauquier Culpeper VA, Janet Lynn Ours Esq.(interrelated family member) Prince William Co VA, Gwen Corley Winchester VA Therapist, and had my attorney Paul Morrison Esq. Fauquier VA due to him being scared of Judge D. Payne/Mediator (interrelated family member) and my attorney scared because of a case where Judge Payne hurt my sister Sheila Day.
Family on Family.
Of course they would win in court with this amount of people to help Brian Cable ex husband Robert E. Crowell ex husband. Void abinitio is what this is called, organized hate crime to create underlying outcomes to accomplish their goals.