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Sunday, March 21, 2010

DCFS Nightmare story

DCFS Legally kidnapped............

In Virginia, my ex-husband called child services claiming I was harming my kids. They came to my house and..............

he had told the social worker, Tara Jorgenson, how he had gotten the bruises.None of this was ever documented They told my sons if they ever told me that I would go to Jail forever.

I want to start with telling you that the experiences of me and my children have made us strong. I know this is the ending but I feel it should be read first before the rest of the story. The unfairness that was executed on us does not hurt us anymore. I have 4 wonderful boys who have good grades, attend college and hold down jobs. They have loving relationships with me and my husband, each other, friends, and girlfriends. Now to start at the beginning of our nightmare.

The night my life fell apart. I had been working the swing shift as an industrial hydraulic mechanic. I went to pick my children up from my sister’s house and there was not an answer at the door. I then found myself surrounded by the Layton Utah police. They frisked me, and then asked me why I was there. I told them I was there to pick up my children. I was told to go home and there would be papers on the door explaining what was going on. I found documents stating my children had been taken into emergency custody.

A few days later we had the shelter hearing. I was accused of abusing my sons. I was accused of having gender identity issues since I was a mechanic. I was accused of using drugs. They kept asking me how my son had gotten some horizontal line bruises on his back. I did not know. I kept telling them this. A few months later I was told I could have my kids back if I admitted to abuse and went to counseling and went to parenting classes. I did this and regained my children back. A couple of months later I was accused of sexual abuse when my son fell off of a school toy, hitting his private area extremely hard causing him to bleed. They almost removed my children from me even though the accident happened at school! They could not find any evidence of abuse so they did not remove my children from my home but they did fondle and had over 5 people look at my son naked supposedly for a physical.

The next month they went to my son’s school and removed them from my home again. In the mean time I had gone to civil court and had charges dismissed against me for child abuse. I went thru all the crap for a second time and when I finished the court case and it was closed I left Utah that day with my children. By this time my credit was in the toilet because I was paying attorney after attorney in a fight to get my children back. I was using money that was to pay bills to pay attorneys. I lost my jobs. I am a service connected disabled veteran and it became even more difficult for me to gain employment. I did not know why. Until I applied to be a census worker this year and they said I had lied on my application about not having any convictions. I then requested a copy of my background check, and there in black and white it said I was guilty of child abuse. I ordered court transcripts and the judge dismissed the case, but someone put it in the system as a guilty verdict. This has prevented me from getting some high paying stable jobs unfairly. I lost a position at Chase, Beneficial, Countrywide and Wells Fargo. I had found a more appropriate job for a female and had gone to work in the banking industry; however they had prevented me from gaining employment to take care of my kids.

In Virginia, my ex-husband called child services claiming I was harming my kids. They came to my house and said what they found is not what had been described to them from the people in Utah. I then agreed to a New Horizons in Home Study. After the 10 hours per week in home study, observing me and my children I have not had any more interactions from the Children’s Services. I know they have been called by my ex-husband but due to the in-home observance they do not have a need to come back.

Last year my son, who is now a successful college student and working adult, told me that he had told the social worker, Tara Jorgenson, how he had gotten the bruises. Apparently my sisters step son was yelling at my kids to clean the house. So my son had gotten a bottle of Windex and was dusting and cleaning the TV. He was picked up and threw against the entertainment center. Rather than face me and tell me what had happened to my child my sister had taken my boys to the police station and told them she did not know where I was or how to get a hold of me. My second son who is turning 18 in a few weeks and will be starting college in September told me that he told the social workers and police the same story that the oldest son had told. None of this was ever disclosed to me. None of this was ever documented as them telling them how the bruises happened. They told my sons if they ever told me that I would go to Jail forever.

They told my kids that when the prosecutor asked them if I feed them that he was asking if I ever cooked dinner from scratch. Food that came from the freezer or out of a can did not count. They told them that the prosecutors were not talking about sandwiches, hotdogs or macaroni and cheese. I was supposed to grow vegetables for them and make homemade food for them. That I was a bad mother for feeding them already prepared food and canned vegetables. They told my boys when the prosecutor asked them if I took care of them he was really asking if they had a dad in their house to help take care of them. They filled my kids with lies and brainwashed them for court. They told my sons not to bath or brush their teeth while they were living in the children’s shelter. Then when they were placed in the foster homes they were out of practice of self care. When my sons were taken they had A’s in school. The Children’s services had report cards from a school my kids did not even attend to enter into court saying I did not go to parent conferences. My kids attended Edison Elementary; the report card is from Gramercy Elementary (where they attended while in state custody)! My son was returned back to me after my ex-husband broke his collar bone because he refused to take medication.

I have the documentation which shows the courts mistake on my record. I can fax these or scan them and email them. I will sign waivers for you to obtain documents from dcfs and the new horizon home study. My sons will be willing to testify or sign notarized documents as to what was said to them and by them in state custody. My sons will sign documents about the abuse that took place without my knowledge and that they had disclosed this not only to social workers but also to police. I will be in attendance at your rally in DC at the White House. I live in the DC area if there is any more I can do to help your cause please let me know.