No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Substitute Judge Sandra Havrilak should be disbarred

She’ll spit on justice even if it means spitting on our children...
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Recently, Fairfax Circuit Judge Jonathan Thacher ordered a mother to foot the father’s legal bill totaling $53,000.00. The lawyer representing this abuser is Sandra Havrilak. Judge Thacher gave mom 10 years to pay up.


Judges on our 19th Judicial Circuit of Virginia adore her. They will do just about anything to see her win, to churn her fees, and to make sure she collects. If you have witnessed misconduct by this attorney and substitute judge, if you have been the victim of judicial responses that support her unethical practices, chronicle your experiences here and let's together as friends begin to push for the disbarment of Sandra Havrilak.
Havrilak lies, Havrilak cheats, Havrilak steals:


“I can assure you that this information will be considered if Ms. Havrilak’s name comes up…”

Mommy go bye bye
An uneven amount,
Debt into bond,
It’s illegal...
The same judges do it,