No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Judge Leslie Alden- Fairfax County Circuit Court

Judge Leslie Alden allowed deceiving man to demonstrate forged Documents, under Oath.........

in regards of Judge Leslie Alden .....My Lawyer put my Ex husband on the stand and asked for his Driver’s License in the Judge Alden's Court room. Under oath of course, he presented a fake Washington DC, Driver’s License!!!!!!!!!

The fake Driver’s License had the Holliday Inn Hotel address in Washington DC with the room number!!!!!!!! The forged Drivers license was too evident, like printing $3.00 bill and try to shop with it.

Judge Leslie Alden let him to deceit under Oath.

The man testified that yes I’ve been living in Fairfax County for the 5 years (The address that was given by him to the Court & Dept. of Child Support for 5 years), but because I’m traveling for business to Washington DC , I often stay in this Holiday inn Hotel ....Hummm usually staying in the same room, so I got the Driver’s License with the Hotel address!!!!!!!

First of all from his apartment in Fairfax county to Washington DC is only 30 minutes drive, second of all Obtaining Driver’s License with the Hotel address?????

Judge Leslie Alden knowingly allowed perjured testimony in her court room.....

How bizarre is that?

Erratic and Legally Challenged
Although Judge Alden seems generally polite and respectful (better than other judges), her understanding of the law and concern for accurately following the law is very weak.

I have seen her invent non-existent rules and conditions concerning quantum meruit (a type of contract case) so as to screw a guy out of $50,000. Even though the law was clear, she was utterly confused about what the legal requirements of quantum meruit are, and announced an opinion that based her decision on non-existent requirements. It was clear to me that she really did not care all that much about what the law says, but was more interested in her own opinions of what the law should say. That is, she paid no respect to the precedents, but just made up "Alden's Law" to suit her own fancy.