No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lisa Deel accused of manipulation, obstruction, negligence, willful and repeated breach,

Lisa Ferry Deel Story in:
Mommy Go Bye Bye

Stockbroker and Financial Advisor Lisa Ferry Deel of Ashburn

and Belmont Country and Golf Club, in Virginia's Loudoun County, is accused of manipulation, obstruction, negligence, willful and repeated breach, and “a failure to execute” in a 2008 case before CBOE, or the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Deel is the same woman who 10 years ago began taking away, with intent to abduct, the daughter of the creator of the Mommy Go Bye Bye blog by force and by use of manipulation, obstruction, negligence, willful and repeated breach, and “a failure to execute.”
The French reserve for such people a special noun ...

Garce ...................

Attorney general nominees clash over ethics issue

By Olympia MeolaPublished: September 17, 2009

Democratic attorney general nominee Stephen C. Shannon, a delegate from Fairfax County, cited the employment controversy involving a state lawmaker yesterday while pitching his plan to strengthen government accountability.
He also dinged his opponent for not calling on the lawmaker to resign.
But Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli, a state senator from Fairfax County, shot back, saying: "This is a pure political stunt on his part."
Del. Phillip A. Hamilton, R-Newport News, is under fire for pursuing a job at a new teaching center at Old Dominion University before he put in a $500,000 budget amendment for the center's creation. Speaker of the House William J. Howell, R-Stafford, has asked the House Ethics Advisory Panel to investigate whether Hamilton violated the state's Conflict of Interest Act.
Shannon reminded reporters yesterday in a conference call that he was the first statewide candidate to call on Hamilton to resign. Cuccinelli has said it should be left up to the voters of Hamilton's district.
"Our next attorney general cannot be ambivalent toward corruption in government. He must be a steadfast defender of the public trust," Shannon said.
But Cuccinelli said one possible outcome of the ethics panel is to refer the case to the attorney general.
"I'm not going to call for [a resignation] because that would suggest a conclusion in an ongoing case that I may end up having a role analogous to a judge in," he said. "[Shannon] doesn't care what the law is and that should bother Virginians a great deal."
Shannon's plan calls for a commission to review and make recommendations on an overhaul of conflict-of-interest laws and increasing the penalty for lawmakers and government employees who violate such laws, in some cases.
He also wants to increase transparency in government by compiling information for the public on the Internet, he said.
Cuccinelli said he has been fighting to make the state's budget more transparent -- including through legislation in 2008 to create a database so people could easily search for state budget items.
"I've been one of the biggest proponents of open government," he said.