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Friday, July 30, 2010

Brigitte Deel of Ashburn, VA is taken captive by her Sociopath Father Troy Deel

Brigitte Deel of Ashburn, VA is taken captive by her Sociopath Father Troy Deel
For over 6 years now.
Once abusers gain custody they then
isolate & estrange the children from
their Mothers.......

I found this letter of Troy Deel (sick minded sociopath Father) to Veronique (Brigitte’s loving Mom) so interesting….sounds familiar????
It’s Replica language of all abusers and mentally sick minded people.
Troy Deel; First of all take some spelling courses…too many misspelled words on the 1 page letter……..Or may be you were “ENRAGED” when writing this nasty letter.
By reading this letter we are all clear on which parent needs “Psychological counseling and medication.”
Mr. Troy Deel; we all think, you Definitely need Psychological attention.

Date: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please do not show up on Saturday. This is not the way to get back into Brigitte's life. If you embarish her on Saturday, this will further deminish any chance of ever being a part of her life. Brigitte has grown into a wonderful person whose feelings you seem to not care about. You have been gone from her life for over six years. If you really want a chance with her you must start communicating with me and only me without hostility or anger. I will not allow you into her life unless you seek and continue for a sustained period of time certified physicological counseling and medication.

Furthermore, you are not allowed into Belmont. If I find you inside the gates I will have you arrested for tresspassing. These words should sound familiar as these are the last words you said to me the last time you saw Brigitte at your home July 4th weekend of 2004. You said to me "You and Brigitte are never allowed on my property ever again and if you do it will be tresspassing". You should remember this, I have. Up until that time I made every attempt to insure that Brigitte got to see you during your scheduled visitation. You were a no show on many occasions and several times I brought Brigitte to your home. I do not know what took place that holiday weekend during your visitation with Brigitte, but you must understand that Brigitte has never asked to come back to your home since that weekend. If she had, I would have brought her. Unless you take serious what I have said above your chances to have a normal relationship with Brigitte will not happen.

You have defamed and libeled my wife and I in public for several years now. Please stop. Do not send emails to Lisa's employer, my employer, my employers associates or anyone else connected to me or my wife. Any further defamation will cause me to take action. Please remove Lisa's name and my name from your blog. Your linkage to Shivani's Face Book must also be removed. Your public posting of Brigitte's picture without asking her did not sit well with her or her friends.

There's a good chance this email will only enrage you. It is my hope that it does not. It is my hope that you take what I have said above very seriously and seek help.