No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Discharge Bias Judges in State of Virginia

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Virginia Family Courts corruptions
Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun……..

Devorced From Justice
Endangering children, punishing women.The situation of family courts endangering children and punishing women must be exposed in the media. State and national policymakers in all three branches of government and other allies must be advised of the problem of family courts placing children in the unsupervised custody of abusive parents, and be told that this is happening with alarming frequency. -Dr. Hannah

Reveal your Corrupted Judges, Join us and confront your Judge at Judicial Interviews of 2009 this fall.

DEAR AGGRIEVED MOTHERS 8888 Join the campaign, this fall and every fall, for the leverage you need to force the respect you don’t get and the fair rulings you are due. -VW-

Virginian Mothers abused by corrupted Judges, Last December in Judicial Interviews……. Fairfax County, Northern Virginia Judge Gaylord L. Finch Jr.was confronted by local Moms Casted out.

Unfortunately, there are other unmerited Judges in State of Virginia, who are endangering our Children’s lives & we are strongly believe, they should be removed from the bench immediately.

David B. Albo

Virginia House of Delegates
FIRING JUDGES IS HIS JOB ... >>“I would believe anything I read in a blog,” Del. Albo answered Ms. A.R. who wrote, “Dear Dave…I am DEEPLY disturbed by the blog I am reading about unlawful treatment of good mothers.
Dear Mr. Albo,
I am writing you because I understand your role in the Virginia judicial selection process and the responsibility that is yours for protecting the rights of citizen-consumers of legal services by appointing good people to the bench.
Virginia Judges have had.......
Dear Mr. Albo;
I have a question please;
What happens when a Judge violates “VA Canons of Judicial Conduct”?
Based On Canon 3 – D - 1
Disciplinary Responsibilities.
1. A judge who receives reliable information indicating a substantial likelihood that another judge has committed a violation of these Canons should take appropriate action. A judge having knowledge that another judge has committed a violation of these Canons that raises a substantial question as to the other judge's fitness for office should inform the Judicial Inquiry an d Review Commission.

Mr.David B. Albo
Virginia House of Delegates
Virginian Mothers battered by corrupted Judicial System in State of Virginia are demanding Immediate investigation against Bias & corrupted Judges, G.A.L s & custody evaluators listed below:

Corrupted Guardian Ad-Litems like:
Deborah S Olin
Paul Dryer

Dangerous Child custody Evaluators like:
William B. Zuckerman

Contact us & Share the story of your painful experience with Virginia’s Corrupted judicial system.

Here are your resources:

The Pitchfork Rebellion

Misconduct in Virginia Family Courts

Judicial Corruption

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hayward (not verified)
at 07:59 on August 6th, 2009

Great post! I can't wait to see you all in Richmond. Also to the people having the unfortunate experience of ending up in the Stafford County J&DR beware of Judge Gerald F. Daltan, Judge Martin Bass, Judge Gordon Wills and attorney/sub judge Tandy Rinehart Liebowitz and GAL Shana Gertner. Although I have no experience in dealing with "Judicial Solutions", a mediation establishment, they have hired on retired
judge Ann Hunter Simpson. Her only judicial solution is to remove mothers from the lives of their children as she did to my daughter during my divorce. She was actually named in the property settlement agreement like she was a piece of the property going to my ex husband.

Suing Dr. William Bill Zuckerman - Fairfax, VA

Defective and Dangerous Doctor
William B. Zuckerman, the child custody evaluator, is unsafe for women and children in post separation custody litigation when family abuse is a factor. This PhD has a history of identifying with and aligning with fathers who are abusive, violent, and dangerously controlling men, narcissists, and sociopaths. Furthermore, his testimony can be bought. Zuckerman is not a good person. He is without conscience. And he appears to suffer from Tic Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies. More information is found at the Mommy Go Bye-Bye blog...
Suing Dr. William Bill Zuckerman - Fairfax, VA for withholding Psycological Test Data - Call: 703-748-0072
I was never able to collect all of my psychological test data from Dr. William Zuckerman. I began trying nearly nine years ago. He refused then to release my psychological test data by stating that he could not provide me with the data because he was ethically precluded from doing so. Did you have a similar experience with this particular psychologist? I would like to speak with other mothers in the same boat. Please call me, VW at 703.748.0072, if you were unable to see or copy your psychological test data because Dr. William Zuckerman withheld from you those records.