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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Judicial appointment process in Virginia 2010

List of the Judges who are up for reappointment in this coming year and who will be evaluated during the coming legislative session.

I would suggest that if you know of any of the judges on the list who are exemplary, write a  letter of support with specific information as to why you support the reappointment for those particular individuals.

Likewise, if you know of any of those on list who should NOT be reappointed, and with whom you have specific complaints against that individual or individuals, take the time to construct a thoughtful letter of “No Support” or “Complaint” and send it to the same organizations

I would suggest you send those letters to the chairman of both the House and House Senate Courts of Justice Committees as well as the Judicial Inquiry & Review Commission. 
For addresses, see below.
Senator, Henry L. Marsh III
Courts of Justice Committee, Senate
422 East Franklin St, Suite 301,
Richmond, VA 23219

Delegate Dave Albo:
Courts of Justice Committee, House
6367 Rolling Mill Place, Suite 102,
Springfield, VA 22152

Donald Curry,
Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
P.O. Box 367
Richmond, Virginia 23218-0367

Thank you for your interest and participation in the process. 
2011 Incumbent Judges
Court of Appeals
D. Arthur Kelsey, 1/31/11
Elizabeth A. McClanahan, 3/31/11
Circuit Courts
1st Circuit
V. Thomas Forehand, Jr., 6/30/11
4th Circuit
Everett A. Martin, Jr., 3/15/11
5th Circuit
Carl Edward Eason, Jr., 1/31/11
6th Circuit
Samuel E. Campbell, 5/31/11
7th Circuit
David F. Pugh, 3/31/11
C. Peter Tench, 3/31/11
8th Circuit
Christopher W. Hutton, 8/31/11
Wilford Taylor, Jr., 6/30/11
10th Circuit
Richard S. Blanton, 3/31/11
12th Circuit
Herbert Cogbill Gill, Jr., 8/31/11
13th Circuit
Bradley B. Cavedo, 1/31/11
Richard D. Taylor, Jr., 1/31/11
16th Circuit
Timothy K. Sanner, 3/31/11
19th Circuit
Randy I. Bellows, 1/31/11
Dennis J. Smith, 5/31/11
20th Circuit
James H. Chamblin, 2/28/11
21st Circuit
Martin F. Clark, Jr., 4/30/11
23rd Circuit
Robert P. Doherty, Jr., 2/28/11
Clifford R. Weckstein, 1/31/11
27th Circuit
Brett L. Geisler, 3/31/11
30th Circuit
John C. Kilgore, 6/30/11
General District Courts
2nd District
Calvin R. Depew, Jr., 6/30/11
13th District
Phillip L. Hairston, 1/31/11
14th District
John Marshall, 3/31/11
James Stephen Yoffy, 3/31/11
15th District
Frank L. Benser, 6/30/11
Peter L. Trible, 6/30/11
Gordon A. Wilkins, 3/31/11
16th District
Roger L. Morton, 1/31/11
19th District
Michael Joseph Cassidy, 1/31/11
21st District
Edwin A. Gendron, Jr., 2/28/11
23rd District
M. Frederick King, 3/31/11
25th District
William D. Heatwole, 6/30/11
29th District
Jack S. Hurley, Jr., 6/30/11
31st District
Charles F. Sievers, 6/30/11
Peter W. Steketee, 6/30/11
Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts
1st District
Rufus A. Banks, Jr., 6/30/11
Larry D. Willis, Sr., 4/30/11
2nd District
Gerrit W. Benson, 6/30/11
4th District
M. Randolph Carlson, II, 12/31/11
7th District
Thomas W. Carpenter, 1/31/11
12th District
Bonnie C. Davis, 6/30/11
15th District
Gerald F. Daltan, 4/30/11
Julian W. Johnson, 3/31/11
David F. Peterson, 6/30/11
16th District
Susan L. Whitlock, 6/30/11
17th District

Esther Wiggins Lyles, 1/31/11 (She Should be removed)
18th District
Constance H. Frogale, 3/31/11
20th District
Pamela L. Brooks, 6/30/11
24th District
Kenneth W. Farrar, 6/30/11
Michael T. Garrett, 2/28/11
25th District
Paul A. Tucker, 6/30/11
26th District
William H. Logan, Jr., 6/30/11
27th District
Marcus H. Long, Jr., 3/31/11
29th District
Henry A. Barringer, 3/31/11
31st District
William Alan Becker, 6/30/11
Paul F. Gluchowski, 6/30/11

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