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Thursday, August 12, 2010

punishing a mother for speaking to News Channel after The FATHER raped his child and is now...........

"When a protective mother who is not trained in the law…tries to get criminal charges filed against a child abuser and speaks out when the system failsher child, she is prosecuted."We have seen repeated examples" he says, where officials "have neglected their duty to aggressively and competently investigate child abuse cases and take offenders off the street."
She said that the Children’s Assessment Center, a Houston-run facility that specializes in assessing children who may have been abused, confirmed that her daughter had been molested and sexually assaulted by her husband. On top of it, her husband had voluntarily confessed to police that he had, indeed, molested children.
But weeks had since passed and her now-estranged husband had still not been arrested.
In a television interview with the 11 News Defenders, the mother described how the police officer handling her case had repeatedly promised an arrest on a particular date. But she claimed that date would come and go with no arrest.
Frustrated, she said she called the officer and was told that it wasn’t unusual in "these types of cases" for an arrest not to occur until nine weeks had passed.
Eventually, the mother decided to tape her next conversation with that officer, which was later broadcast on KHOU.
In the taped exchange, he explained the delay:
" I’ve got 100 of these that I’m actually working on literally...and there’s no way you can work ‘em with any kind of consistency and keep up."