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Monday, August 16, 2010

Corrupt Custody Evaluator Janelle Burrill is going to be in handcuffs soon...

Custody Mediator Picketed
Parents who have lost custody of their children picketed the office of the woman they say committed child abuse, extortion and fraud.
By KFBK's Bob Moffitt
Thursday, August 5, 2010
Listen to the report Three parents have filed complaints with the Sacramento Police Department against Doctor Janelle Burrill who is a court-appointed mediator in custody disputes in divorce cases. Among those on the losing end is Jayraj Nair. He says his son was taken away in handcuffs a year and a half ago and that he and his entire family have been barred from seeing his son since. He says Doctor Burrill diagnosed Suraj as suffering from Parental Alienation Syndrome after the boy did not want to visit with his mother. Burrill's attorney and husband, John O'Donnell would not comment. In March, her Board Certified Diplomate Certification was revoked by the American Board of Examiners.
I truly hope the system can come crumbling down and we can pull our children from the wreckage.
Virginian Mothers who have been injured by :
Keep in mind that these two Defective & dangerous VA Court appointed Child Custody GAL & child evaluator, Should be going in handcuffs along with Janelle Burrill. Lets take action and bring them to Justice.

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