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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ariana Leilani says Papa wants me to sleep in the big bed and he does bad touch.... scared

My Papa wants me to sleep in the big bed and he does bad touch.... scared"

Ariana-leilani talks about the one bedroom apartment queen size bed she must sleep in with her father, Dr. Michael H. Pfeiffer.
Help to save Ariana Leilani's Life 

Ariana experiencing abuse and a rare life- Threatening blood diseas that started when the father "Dr. Michael H. Pfeiffer" took custody.
Ariana has been isolated, living in a non-legal windowless bedroom with a queen size bed sharing with her dad..............
papa give me green medicine to not feel so well....
Prepetuate and promoted by the JDR Court, Ariana Leilani is a victim of the violation of he human rights and family domestic violance. She continues to suffer from untreated and unknown cause severe Neutripenia (Low immunity to infection that could be lethal).....Thanks to Arlington, VA JDR Court Judges and the Malevolent and hateful Guardian ad-Litem Deborah S. Olin 
"papa hits me and screams at me and he do bad touch....scared" video

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