No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Judicial appointment process in Virginia 2010

List of the Judges who are up for reappointment in this coming year and who will be evaluated during the coming legislative session.

I would suggest that if you know of any of the judges on the list who are exemplary, write a  letter of support with specific information as to why you support the reappointment for those particular individuals.

Likewise, if you know of any of those on list who should NOT be reappointed, and with whom you have specific complaints against that individual or individuals, take the time to construct a thoughtful letter of “No Support” or “Complaint” and send it to the same organizations

I would suggest you send those letters to the chairman of both the House and House Senate Courts of Justice Committees as well as the Judicial Inquiry & Review Commission. 
For addresses, see below.
Senator, Henry L. Marsh III
Courts of Justice Committee, Senate
422 East Franklin St, Suite 301,
Richmond, VA 23219

Delegate Dave Albo:
Courts of Justice Committee, House
6367 Rolling Mill Place, Suite 102,
Springfield, VA 22152

Donald Curry,
Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
P.O. Box 367
Richmond, Virginia 23218-0367

Thank you for your interest and participation in the process. 
2011 Incumbent Judges
Court of Appeals
D. Arthur Kelsey, 1/31/11
Elizabeth A. McClanahan, 3/31/11
Circuit Courts
1st Circuit
V. Thomas Forehand, Jr., 6/30/11
4th Circuit
Everett A. Martin, Jr., 3/15/11
5th Circuit
Carl Edward Eason, Jr., 1/31/11
6th Circuit
Samuel E. Campbell, 5/31/11
7th Circuit
David F. Pugh, 3/31/11
C. Peter Tench, 3/31/11
8th Circuit
Christopher W. Hutton, 8/31/11
Wilford Taylor, Jr., 6/30/11
10th Circuit
Richard S. Blanton, 3/31/11
12th Circuit
Herbert Cogbill Gill, Jr., 8/31/11
13th Circuit
Bradley B. Cavedo, 1/31/11
Richard D. Taylor, Jr., 1/31/11
16th Circuit
Timothy K. Sanner, 3/31/11
19th Circuit
Randy I. Bellows, 1/31/11
Dennis J. Smith, 5/31/11
20th Circuit
James H. Chamblin, 2/28/11
21st Circuit
Martin F. Clark, Jr., 4/30/11
23rd Circuit
Robert P. Doherty, Jr., 2/28/11
Clifford R. Weckstein, 1/31/11
27th Circuit
Brett L. Geisler, 3/31/11
30th Circuit
John C. Kilgore, 6/30/11
General District Courts
2nd District
Calvin R. Depew, Jr., 6/30/11
13th District
Phillip L. Hairston, 1/31/11
14th District
John Marshall, 3/31/11
James Stephen Yoffy, 3/31/11
15th District
Frank L. Benser, 6/30/11
Peter L. Trible, 6/30/11
Gordon A. Wilkins, 3/31/11
16th District
Roger L. Morton, 1/31/11
19th District
Michael Joseph Cassidy, 1/31/11
21st District
Edwin A. Gendron, Jr., 2/28/11
23rd District
M. Frederick King, 3/31/11
25th District
William D. Heatwole, 6/30/11
29th District
Jack S. Hurley, Jr., 6/30/11
31st District
Charles F. Sievers, 6/30/11
Peter W. Steketee, 6/30/11
Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts
1st District
Rufus A. Banks, Jr., 6/30/11
Larry D. Willis, Sr., 4/30/11
2nd District
Gerrit W. Benson, 6/30/11
4th District
M. Randolph Carlson, II, 12/31/11
7th District
Thomas W. Carpenter, 1/31/11
12th District
Bonnie C. Davis, 6/30/11
15th District
Gerald F. Daltan, 4/30/11
Julian W. Johnson, 3/31/11
David F. Peterson, 6/30/11
16th District
Susan L. Whitlock, 6/30/11
17th District

Esther Wiggins Lyles, 1/31/11 (She Should be removed)
18th District
Constance H. Frogale, 3/31/11
20th District
Pamela L. Brooks, 6/30/11
24th District
Kenneth W. Farrar, 6/30/11
Michael T. Garrett, 2/28/11
25th District
Paul A. Tucker, 6/30/11
26th District
William H. Logan, Jr., 6/30/11
27th District
Marcus H. Long, Jr., 3/31/11
29th District
Henry A. Barringer, 3/31/11
31st District
William Alan Becker, 6/30/11
Paul F. Gluchowski, 6/30/11

Veronique Wyvell commented on your link.


Veronique said...

I wish I knew how to convince each and every aggrieved mother in Virginia of the value of her presence at this event each and every year, whether the offending judge in her case is up for re-appointment or not. What you need in court is called leverage: get leverage by simply showing up in House Room C in the General Assembly Building for 'Judicial Interviews' of incumbent judges (and pro tempores or "substitute judges"). Send a message to all that YOU KNOW HOW TO GET A JUDGE FIRED IN VIRGINIA. (The turnout was poor until abused mothers began showing up because our legislators, preferring to keep the process sheltered from the public, simply don't mention it to their constituents.) Instill fear, and gain the respect you deserve and the fair rulings you are due. News travels fast in our little state. It won't take long for the bench that has been battering you to learn that you are regular at 'Interviews.' Reprisals? I've never heard of any. Two moms I know regained their daughters this summer. Both moms had Internet postings of their situations; one has even maintained a blog about judicial corruption in her county. She is a regular at Interviews and will be challenging one of her offending judges this December. We took out Fairfax circuit judge Gaylord Finch in 2008. We can do it again in 2010. [As seen on facebook news feed, Sep. 23, 2010]

Liz said...

Judge Wilfred Taylor, Jr in the 8th Curcuit Court district court was my judge....tell me how and where I can send a letter to NOT have him re-elected in! Maybe this will save some mothers.

Phala Bowles said...

Dave Albo informed us to start by filing a (JIRC)Complaint, Judicial Inquiry Review Committee and as Veronique has been urging us all for years to attend the "Judicial Interviews." Phala~

james said...

I see two the judges for Chesapeake JDR is up again, this will mean that Judge Olds might become chief judge again.. However all three of these judge need to go, banks is half a sleep most of the time, willis thinks he's god, and Olds plays favors with other lawyers and if she make an order that is illegal and the person calls her on it, the order will come up missing from the file..

I want everyone to know that in JDR all is done behind closed door and not recorded, however anyone Mom or dad has the right under va laws to have a court reported record the heading, there is nothing the judge can do about..

Quettia said...

I have experienced a judges biasism involving my children and to know that they can get away openly it broke me into pieces. For ten years my child father abused me mentally,physically,and emotionally. It went so far as me admitting myself in the hospital because I couldn't take anymore. Restraining orders,aprotective order I filed at the same court same judge and this man still come around me. THis judge allowed me no fairness took my children and gave this man mother sole and physical custody of my kids. I even volunteered with CPS they stated my children was fine with me. After the judge told me he knew the other side personally I knew I was being treated unfairly.This individual that has custody of my kids works for her attorney wealthy caucasian family and live in one of their apartment complexes. Working off her rental payment by being their house nanny.Work under the table so its tax free money. JUDGE KNOWS AND IS AWARE THAT I AM DISABLED WITH LIFE THREATENING ILLNESSES KIDNEY FAILURE,DIABETES INSULIN DEPENDENT,HYPERTENSION,MANIC DEPRESSION, BIPOLARISM, AND VASCULAR PROBLEMS. Due to the fact I didn't have any legal representation to speak as they did I lost my kids. JUDGE TOLD ME IF I COULDNT GIVE HIM A URINE SAMPLE I WOULD BE LOCKED UP IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE I WAS WASTING THE COURT TIME AND HE KNEW DUE TO MY HEALTH ISSUE URINE INCONTINENCE I HAVE TROUBLE PASSING URINE FREQUENTLY SECOND TOME HE DID ME LIKE THAT.Judge allowed the guardian ad litem to make false statements and reports when my children stated different. Guardian ad litem came to my home once always a day before court never any other time.Went to my kids school always a day before court placed fear in my kids and brought my youngest home in tears. Due to she told my children pointly they would never see me again.My children schooling was perfect,well child checkups good, immunizations always up to date,clothed and groomed properly always. The judge said child support isn't a issue when I raised the fact this man not ever paid one dime
I worked hard as a PCA until I became disabled while this man drinked heavily daily.Same man put guns to my head at his moms house when I was holding our daughter. Allowed my daughter to see the unregistered guns on regular basis. Man has beat his mother and father in front my kids that's also on black and white paper.This evidence was pushed aside as poppycot.Judge allows this man to live in the same household as my kids with supervised visits through his mother keep in mind she work seven days a week long hours for her attorney&family.A two bedroom apartment he has a room and she as well my children have no room of their own. MOTHER IS A HEAVY DRINKER AS WELL IN FRONT MY KIDS AND JUDGE REFUSE TO TEST THEM FOR HIGH VOLUMES OF ALCOHOL IN THEIR SYSTEM. THEY HAVE EVEN ADMITTED IT TO. THE JUDGE HE COULD CARELESS. BETTING IF I WOULDVE STAYED WITH THIS MAN MY KIDS WOULD STILL BE IN MY CUSTODY Ten years of torture was long enough I believe. Don't have a record at all let alone a parking ticket my children was snatched using judicial misconduct.Oh and the judge told me this case will never be heard by any other judge nowhere because I will always be over it. To use your authority in fairness and by the one thing,but to use your authority with misconduct is critical to a good mother that always taken care of her kids.My children are suffering due to this judge unbelievable lack of concern. JUDGE RICHARD B. CAMPBELL COURTROOM#3 (13th district) Richmond Juvenile&Domestic Courts. Need reappointed with his biaism that clearly speaks for itself.In not reviewing key facts and doing law by his own personal book isn't acceptable in my case.With all do respect to the judges whom go by the book and honor their robe of Justice in tha Courtroom and out.