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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dr. Ariel King Interview In London

Reporting Child Abuse
Ariana-Leilani suffers severe chronic neutropenia because of the people listed below:
Little Ariana Abused by : Dr Michael H. Pfeiffer (Father)
Little Ariana Abused by : judge esther wiggins (Judge)
Little Ariana Abused by : Deborah S. Olin (GAL)
Little Ariana Abused by: child protection services


Dr. Ariel King Interview for Voice of Africa Radio in London.(click here to listen)

How best do we move beyond personal adversity to create social transformation?
“We must act now for the sake of our Children, they are our future. Every child has a right to life.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Radio Show Brief: Unfortunately in the rush to improve society from its baseness the sanctity and sacredness of life has been left unattended to. Much to the irony of western liberal democracy, the most vulnerable in society i.e. – women and children are ill affected. In the midst of soul wrenching adversity and life draining circumstances individuals worldwide have risen above their personal anguish and given momentum to social justice movements and campaigns which seek to provide hope, justice and quality of life to all who are or may suffer their similar losses, challenges and personal pain.
It is noteworthy to say that some of the great resolute from pain to hope for all stands have been nurtured by those who nature has endowed with that life sacred maternal instinct – women, oftentimes mothers. Social hope from anguish and despair has been energised historically by names or groups like Harriet Tubman, Ida B Wells, the Suffragettes, Rosa ParksWinnie Mandela, Mothers against Violence, Doreen Lawrenceand many others. Each story has been one of anguish, personal triumph and social advancement. Each story’s evolution has provided a basis for stages of progressive social change for others in society.
The ongoing campaign for the right to medical care for the critically ill, Little Ambassador, Ariana-Leilani, by Dr Ariel King has provided yet another source of a saga of anguish which is providing an oasis of hope for all children globally. The irony of the continual noncooperation by either the national bodies of both the USA and Germany and the young daughter’s own father to allow Ariana-Leilani to receive life enhancing medical attention defies belief. This is markedly strange when both countries are both bastions of western liberal democracy and have endured brutal histories of the threat or abuse of the sacredness of human life.
Prior to and during the above developments Ariana-Leilani’s mother, Dr King has organised tirelessly to raise both public awareness, seek restitution and change and provide social structures internationally which would work to prevent any child to go through what boils down to a blatant regards for the rights of the child. Her two foundations,Ariana-Leilani Foundation International and Ariel Foundation International are sterling models of the evolving a legacy of the potential of hope and just change from the anguish of personal life’s challenges.

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