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Monday, October 11, 2010

One more of too many Fairfax County Courts Horror stories

The more I read the more these situations mirror my own.
This situation is particular mirrors the court experiences I have been having this past 18 months in Fairfax, Virginia. The GAL is so biased and proud of it too!
He informs me that he speaks to the father’s attorney and has never responded to me once.
Also, my son would sit next to his dad and allow him to lie to the therapist while in session. I would look right at my son and he would not move a muscle to correct the situation, Many times my son said,”What am I going to say while in court mommy because the odds are I am going to be put back in his home.”!! Well, the judge did depose my teenager in his chambers and he informed him how much he wants to return to me and that it would be best in all areas of which are considered under the law to Modify Custody. Well, to make a long story short after his father and attorney manipulated the custody trial through various means, the judge after repeatedly saying i as going to be granted custody but after school finishes, did not do as he stated.
After all of the abuse the father has been accused of doing to this child and the judge repeatedly saying he is going to give me custody goes and Denies me my Motion! What he did is denied me my Due Process Rights and should be taken off of the bench!
So his dad goes and abandons him a week later in the Virginia courts where they live and pressed assault charges on our son. The court places him in Foster care where he has been severely neglected and assaulted. They did not even want to enroll him into public school when he is a gifted child! No medical care has been provided as well. The only one that has been providing him with stuff and taking care of him is :”me”.
I still have supervised visitation and you are so correct in saying that “they” hate it when there is actually no problem or things improving. My psych assessment came back excellent and they could not stand it! They said they have to discuss this with the therapist etc etc and never did! It was all lame excuses.
What a mess and the sad part is that the children are being so severely damaged. The damage will not even be apparent until they grow older and start to realize the relationship they were denied with their loving mom and the years they cannot make up!
This is so sad that a court that is suppose to protect is hurting and is the problem!Reading these articles helps to make my situation so much more clear because I have been all alone throughout this domestic abuse for 26 years! Now, my X has involved our son who is now 16. The abuser will wait until the child is old enough to manipulate but not old enough to rebel and be independent!
The truth speaks for itself. For so many woman who never shared stories to all have such similar if not identical experiences!

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