No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Judges knowingly allowed perjured testimony

She is accused of allowing witnesses to lie..........

Do you see a similarity between Judge Waterstone's felony charges with "JUDGE BRUCE D. WHITE" of Fairfax County??????????? Shouldn't he be charged????

I have some real hard evidence against Judge Bruce D. White. said.......White's misconducts was even more apparent than Judge Waterstone. Seeing White in action on my proceeding I am convinced that Judge Bruce D. White is notorious: worse than Ex Judge Waterstone.
How about Judge Leslie Alden who allowed deceiving man to demonstrate forged Documents, in her court room....under Oath......... ????????
Judge Charged With Allowing Perjury Argues For Immunity From Prosecution
Michigan recently indicted one former judge Wayne County Circuit judge (Mary Waterstone) for allowing perjured testimony during a criminal trail..
the judge and a prosecutor knowingly allowed perjured testimony in the first trial
she allowed the jury to receive testimony she knew to be false.
It is astonishing that a judge would blame a defense lawyer for attempting to learn the truth -- a truth the prosecution had a duty to disclose and that the defendant had a constitutional right to know. It is even more astonishing that a judge would conspire with a prosecutor to conceal a violation of that right, placing a defendant at risk of being convicted on the basis of perjured testimony. For that judge to claim to be unbiased is more than astonishing; it is sickening....................
There is a huge cover up in the Judge Waterstone corruption case. Judge Waterstone has been fixing cases with prosecuters for her entire time on the bench...........
Judge Mary Waterstone, Prosecutor, and Two Inkster Cops Face Life In Prison
Detroit --
Wayne County Circuit Judge Mary Waterstone (retired), former Assistant County prosecutor Karen Plants, and Inkster (MI) cops Scott Rechtzigel and Robert McArthur were each charged with several counts of misconduct while in office in an indictment handed down on March 24. Plants, Rechtzigel, and McArthur also face multiple counts of perjury, each of which carry a maximum penalty of life in prison.
Wayne County Judge Mary Waterstone
The charges stem from a March 2005 cocaine bust involving Alexander Aceval and Richardo Pena, both of whom are currently serving prison sentences. Plants and the two cops covered up the fact one of the prosecution's witnesses was a paid police informant. Judge Waterstone than signed an order, banning the defendant's attorneys from accessing the paid informant's phone records, which would have shown he had spoken to the officers.
SOURCE: The Detroit News

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