No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tear down Corruptions in Virginia Judicial System

Mr. Albo; It's time.......
For Judge Bruce D. White to step down

Dear Mr. Albo;
Judge – hiring and firing expert and chief, Delegate

When evidence emerges that a Judge is abusing his/her judicial office for his own advantage, the integrity of the judicial system becomes compromised, and the House of Representatives has the duty to investigate the matter and take the appropriate actions to end the abuse and restore confidence in the judicial system.

It is not a satisfying task to impeach a judge, yet when a judge so clearly abuses his office, as in the case of Judge Bruce D. White of Fairfax County it becomes necessary to take the appropriate action in order to restore the confidence of the American people in the judicial system. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the power and responsibility to impeach federal judges and it is a power that Congress utilizes only in cases involving very serious allegations of misconduct. The Task Force on Judicial Impeachment, the House Judiciary Committee and the full House of Representatives should work together in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that rapid action is taken to Eradicate corruption in our judicial system.

Below are different cases, different people who were abused by Judge Bruce D. White......
We think.....It's time for this Judge to step down.
More stories to come..........

Sign Pettition - Biased Judge Bruce D. White of Fairfax Circuit Court Must be Discharged immediately.

My life is currently in danger because of corrupted judge Bruce D. White!

Immoral Judgment by Fairfax County Judge Bruce D. White - Washington Post

I am an EX Experience with Judge White

I was insulted and discriminated by Judge Bruce D. White for no reason.

I have some real hard evidence against Judge Bruce D. White. said.......

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