No Judge who is corrupt, who condones corruption in others, can possibly remains on the Bench.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One corrupt evil judge down and 100's to go

"One corrupt evil judge down, & 100's to go...

The judge who gave my ex husband custody of my two kids was later found to be on heroine & other illegal drugs, & used it quite regularly while doing his job.

He slept through most of the trial the day I lost my kids in 1998. (signs of heroine use) I got a recording of this trial because I wanted to prove that he slept through it, unfortunately the courts conveniantly cut out the part of him snoozing in the court video. And I didn't get 5 & a half hours of trial recording either, I think I was lucky to get 1 hour of the recording after they were done editing it.

There were reports that Judge Ray Harding Jr. was very abusive to his wife & children. He was sent to prison, for idk how long. But I was never able to get a retrial, no attorney I hired, dared to do it. And to this day, the 4th district court in Provo, Utah has nothing bad to say about Judge Ray Harding Jr. The heroine addict....> > I feel these Judges NEED to be held accountable for the decisions they make that destroy ppl's lives... It makes me sick to see the consequences of the rulings they make, after blatently ignoring evidence of abuse or threats made. Their decisions have effected too many children to count. Makes me wonder how they would feel if they got letters from some of these poor kids after they age out of the system, telling them how they destroyed their lives?... Maybe a class action law suit should be filed against all of them!> > Thank God this judge lemkau, will no longer beable to hurt or effect another child with his biased decisions.... Too bad an innocent life had to be lost to have him removed though.... I saw the mother of this child on the Dr. Phil show, I just wept when I heard her story. This never should have happened...."

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